How to recover data from my pc ?

  Udit 10:52 30 May 2017

I have deleted a volume.can i recover the files in it?

  lotvic 12:00 30 May 2017

What 'volume' ?

Please give all the details of what you did to delete the 'volume'

Simplest way would to be to look in the Recycle bin for deleted folders and files, however you state it is a 'volume' so please say what you mean by that.

Also do not start multiple threads for the same problem, type your reply in the box at the bottom of this thread and then click on 'Post'

  Archonar 12:49 30 May 2017

I am assuming by volume you mean a system volume - i.e a partition of the disk (C: drive for example), though as lotvic says please clarify this.

If you did delete a volume then the best way is to use a data recovery program like recuva to try and find the deleted data, no guarantees you will get all of it but if there is anything left that will be the best way to find it.

  alexalexx 08:43 06 Oct 2017

I had the same problem last year. Accidentally deleted vitally important files. I tried out all known freewares and only one of them recovered 10 % of my lost data. By accident, I came across Disk Drill app ( ) that promised to undelete the lost files. It was pretty pricey and I actually doubted it could work out. I spent a fortune (90 bucks), but got all my files back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:01 06 Oct 2017

What did you use to delete the volume?

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