How to record song

  Jayne doe 18:09 29 Dec 2004

I need to record a song from a Hungarian cassette tape to a cd so it can be played at a funeral. How do I do it please. I have 2 cassette players and each have a 'phones' socket outlet but nothing else. Do I have to connect the phones socket to my computer in any way? and if so what program do I record it in? Thanks. Jane.
By the way the song is called Emle'kdal (Only the Good Go) if anyone should already have it. Thanks

  Cook2 18:21 29 Dec 2004

This free programme should help you click here

You'll need a lead from your line out or phones on the cassette to line in om the computer.

  pj123 18:25 29 Dec 2004

Connect your cassette phone socket to the Line In socket on your computer.

You will need a recorder programme to record it to your hard disk. JetAudio is a good one (free) from click here

Once it is on your hard disk you should be able to burn it to CD.

Do you have a CD burner?

  spikeychris 18:30 29 Dec 2004

As has been mentioned you can easily do it via minjack to minijack. The sound could be less than perfect but it should suffice. click here for one of the best free sound recorders/editors on the net.

  281apple 19:10 29 Dec 2004

Jaynedoe, If you are already good with computers, what has already been suggested are good suggestions to study.

Depending on how long your recording is and how much top quality you need, you might also take a look at the possibility of simply using a microphone slipped into your computer and a player. Put the mic in front of the player and open Sound Recorder in Assessories. Then just record it.

This will not give you high professionnal quality but should do the trick if you aren't too fusy.

This is what one could call finaggling it. Good luck.

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