how to record freeview..?

  strongbow1976 16:20 30 Dec 2008


anyone got any ideas how i can record my freeview channels - onto vcr/dvd.

can never seem to figure it out. - freeview box built into tv if that makes any difference.?

is it a case of tuning your vcr/dvd into the channels.?

  Border View 16:22 30 Dec 2008

Will watch this thread, because I would like to figure it out too.

  rickf 16:33 30 Dec 2008

Surely, its just a matter if setting your vcr/dvd recorder to the channel you want to record.

  Stuartli 16:37 30 Dec 2008

You will need to check if your TV has a Scart socket that provides an output signal - if it does, connect the TV and VCR (input signal in latter case) with a Scart lead.

You would only, I suspect, be able to record whatever channel is showing on the TV and it may/will have to be left switched on.

  Bapou 17:16 30 Dec 2008

When buying a new TV with built in Freeview the existing VCR and DVD Recorder were not able to record the Freeview channels, only the 5 analogue channels.

Took a while to fathom out the DVD recorder, (Sony), did not have a built in tuner.

Choice was to buy and connect a digital set top box or buy a DVD Recorder with built in Freeview.

Had it setup for free, with the VCR and DVD recorder connected via scart. VCR still only records analogue channels though.

If anyone wonders why both? A VCR is connected to another TV elsewhere and my wife uses this to record her favourites and playback on the new TV.
The DVD Recorder is a new fangled complicated thing as far as she is concerned,

  strongbow1976 17:27 30 Dec 2008


i dont think it's going to happen, say i want to tape channel 19, i enter this into the vcr and when i watch back its taped channel 5....?

i've tried tuning the vcr for the freeview channels but i lost the instructions so i need to find a 12 year old to come and sort it out....!
me and modern technology dont go together.!

  mikef. 17:34 30 Dec 2008

As has been said unless the recorder has a built in Freeview tuner, and if it is a VCR odds are it won't have, you will not be able to record on it, even if the TV is digital as the signal goes from recorder to TV not the other way as the TV aerial is plugged into the recorder, the only option is a new Freeview enabled recorder, which will be DVD or DVD/Video combination or a Freeview box between the aerial and the recorder, this will not be as flexible though

  Pineman100 17:41 30 Dec 2008

I suspect that what you really need to be able to do everything you want is a twin tuner Freeview box with a built-in hard drive recorder. Like this one: click here

This will allow you to record one channel while you watch another, and pause live TV. You already have a DVD recorder, so if there are programmes that you want to preserve for the long term (instead of just watching them and then deleting from the hard drive) you could output them to the DVD recorder.

  strongbow1976 18:48 30 Dec 2008

ok then.

thanks for the help

  Pamy 18:49 30 Dec 2008

Stuartli is correct. you can record what you are whatching only. You have to change to AVI or 2 or3.

  Pamy 18:52 30 Dec 2008

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