How to recognise the meaning of a noisy hard disk

  Diodorus Siculus 08:04 20 Feb 2006

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Just came across this and it's not pretty.

I'm glad I've never heard any of these noises on my hard disks but it's worth a listen to. Also, I've had a hard drive fail and it never made any such noise, so this is far from definitive.

  Terry Brown 08:13 20 Feb 2006

For the cost of a new hard drive, I suggest you purchase one and transfer your data over. One of the best options I have found is to use a USB hard drive (Get a USB case from EBAY, put your own drive in it), that way you have an independant copy of your files for when (not if)your hard drive stops or your wwant to change machine.

  Andsome 08:28 20 Feb 2006

Very useful link, thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 20 Feb 2006

got an old works laptop with no3 head damage, but they do not seem to want to replace it. Laptop about 10 years old now so not suprised :0)

  Stuartli 20:33 20 Feb 2006

This may prove of interest about HDDs and the "eventual" steps to disaster:

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