how to rebuild partiton table

  kadz 12:30 26 Aug 2004

On doing new install of Xp on a blank 80GB hard drive I stupidly created a few partitions
of 3GB, 4GB and even 238MB.
I wanna get rid of them and reclaim the space but don’t know how to.

Any help?

  neko 13:17 26 Aug 2004

Fdisk will get rid of the partitions you don't want even if they are ntfs but if you then want to extend the partition you are left with into free space I think you need a third party program. You would think you would be able to do it through disk management in administrator tools but you can't. The other option is of course to stick your XP disc in and re do the whole thing again losing everything and re define the partitons.

I would hang on for another response though as I am certainly no expert just a tinkerer so others may have better ideas.

  kadz 13:35 26 Aug 2004

Don't really mind clearing Xp and installing again just want the space back.
80Gb Hard drive but nearly 8gb wasted on
silly partitions.

  cga 13:40 26 Aug 2004


Subject to certain limitations, you should be able to delete the unwanted partitions in Disk Management.

To reclaim the space into you main partition without starting from scratch you need a partition manager such as Partition Magic or Ranish click here

  neko 14:02 26 Aug 2004

Hey cga!

What are the limitations to deleting partitions in Disk management. Is it that you have to do it from another volume? I thought you couldn't do it.

I am learning A LOT TODAY!!

  cga 14:15 26 Aug 2004

Here are a few of the key ones

1. You cannot delete the system partition (the one your OS is on)

2. You cannot delete the Boot partition - normally this will be the system partition but could be one of your small partitions if it was before your system partition.

3. You cannot delete the active partition (the partition the bootstrap will point to at POR).

4. You cannot delete any partition with paging on it (you can control the location of paging from System-Advanced).

The only other thing to be aware of is that you can cause problems if you delete any partition BEFORE the one holding your OS. In this case you need to check Boot.ini still points to the correct partition (relative number will have changed) and drive letters may change.

  TomJerry 14:17 26 Aug 2004

Partition Magic, Partition Commander, Partition Expert (a free version was on PCA cover disk a few months ago)

  cga 14:17 26 Aug 2004

I forgot to say - If one of your small partitions is marked as Boot or Active you can still deal with this - but carefully. If this is the case then post back with the parttition order and current letter / use and I will advise.

  neko 14:21 26 Aug 2004

Thanks for the info.

That explains my situation as on both my PCs the page file is on seperate partitions by themselves and my boot partitions are seperate to my sytem partitions.

Cheers and thanks for the help in the other thread. :)

  cga 14:21 26 Aug 2004

I agree - I would not be without Partition Magic.

However, if you dont know what you are doing and dont prepare correctly you can still get yourself into trouble.

e.g. OS is in partition 2 and you delete P1. P2 becomes P1 but boot.ini is still pointing at P2 which doesnt contain an OS now.

  woodchip 14:49 26 Aug 2004

Your easiest way is get a Partition Manager like Partition Magic or Acronis

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