How to read My Music through D: drive

  woofwoofbark 12:56 21 Sep 2005

Hi there , I have a 40 gig HD that I have had winXP Home installed by an engineer at no expense lol well he asked me if i'd like to split the 40 gig so that the comp will read the one HD as 2 HD's (2 20 gig HD's on the 40 gig HD) , I thought yeah , and all is well , except one minor detail , I save my music to the D: but when I click on start>My Music it shows up My Music folder in the C: drive C:\Documents and Settings\Geo\My Documents\My Music , is it possible to change the link to read my saved music from the D: drive ? Start>D:\My Music

cheers in advance


  Yoda Knight 13:07 21 Sep 2005

RIght click on it and change the target folder

  woofwoofbark 13:35 21 Sep 2005

....but I can only change the name 'My Music' , which I dont want to do , I see 'Location' but it doesnt allow me to edit !

any other suggestions ?



  Thalmus 13:40 21 Sep 2005

If you right click "My Documents" and select properites, you can change the default location for your documents to D:\. This should move yuor "My Music" folder with it. I think the only way to do it for just you music folder is download Tweakui from microsoft click here

  theDarkness 13:42 21 Sep 2005

yeah, this is a strange one. Im using xp, and wanted the 'my music' option on the start menu to link to my second hard drives music folder (E) instead of on (C)- even though I have deleted the one on (C) it just kept coming back. Weirdly enough, after a while xp did start to link to (E) for my music, but I have no idea how... seems to have been pretty automatic. Since then I have reinstalled xp on a new hard drive, so I dont need to use (E), but Id really like to know how its possible to change the target my music and my pictures folders :(

  Thalmus 13:49 21 Sep 2005

When you open Tweak Ui interface you'll see a list of task on the left. expand my computer and click special folders. At the top you'll see a drop down box that lets choose what folder you want to change the location of.

Many different types including my music and my pictures

  woofwoofbark 13:50 21 Sep 2005

Thanks Thalmus/Yoda Knight for your info , I have right clicked My Documents and changed the target folder to read from my D: drive , start>My Music takes me to the D: drive now

many thanks



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