How to read a Disk recorded in Direct CD

  JayDay 14:42 09 Jul 2004

I archived a load of documents a few years ago, using Adaptec Direct CD to copy them to a CDR.

I now have Nero and want to access some of the docs. But can't read the disk!

Is there any way of doing this without installing EasyCD Creator?

  pj123 15:03 09 Jul 2004

Direct CD is generally used for formatting CD/RW disks to enable "drag and drop". Are you sure it was a CDR? Adaptec (or Roxio) and Nero do not get on together so you may have to uninstall Nero, reinstall EasyCD Creator transfer the files back to your hard disk, then uninstall EasyCD Creator, install Nero and burn them again.

  TBH1 15:26 09 Jul 2004

if you browse the CD does it list the files ? does it list a program ?? Sometimes when browsing CD's created via this 'drag and drop' technique you will see some kind of install program on the cd - - -if you can, double click on it and after installation, you will be able to see your files. I have created these kind of discs in the past via the adaptec software, and can still access them via the nero stuff I use now.

  stlucia 15:32 09 Jul 2004

I believe you will only be able to read the CDs using the same software as you created them with unless, when the disk was ejected after the burn, you clicked on the option to close the disk in a format which is readable on any machine. Strangely, that's not the default option.

  JayDay 15:45 09 Jul 2004

No it's a CDR. I was new to CD Burning at the time, and it seemed a good idea.

I don't really want o uninstall Nero, install EasyCD Creator, then uninstall it to re-install Nero!!

When I put the disk in the CDRW drive it doesn't even recognise there is a disk in the drive.

I was hoping there was a nifty piece of software that would let me get at the files on the disk.

  Diemmess 15:56 09 Jul 2004

As I understand it - a standard CD will not accept formatting (as in Direct CD or InCD) without appearing to be full as soon as formatting is finished. If that is so then the formatting process wrote all over the CD which was then unable to accept any more data, like the file/s you wanted to save there!

That means that there is probably no actual data on that disk to recover!

Its Horses For Courses really, Some swear by re-writables as a necessity in life. I am not one of those. For me, it is either save on HD or burn a CD of the standard variety.

  Confab 16:03 09 Jul 2004

The earlier version of Direct CD allowed you to drag and drop on to a CDR! (just like a CDRW but eventually the disk would become full because deleted files would not really delete)I don't know if later versions do the same as I now use NERO.

I belive you could download the UDF reader from their website to read these CD's. I'll have a look to see if I can find it.

  Confab 16:05 09 Jul 2004

could try this

click here

  Confab 16:05 09 Jul 2004
  Confab 16:09 09 Jul 2004

or the one from Roxio

click here

  stlucia 16:09 09 Jul 2004

Jayday, what I said applies to CD-Rs because that's what I use. If you were new to burning at the time, you probably just clicked on the OK button when you ejected the CD.

As Confab suggests, a UDF reader might do the job without a full install of Roxio. Try click here

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