how to read 2 accounts in outlook

  david.h 16:55 08 Feb 2005

I have two email accounts in outlook xp, how do i get outlook to open both accounts at the same time to get new messages instead of switching accounts.

any offers of help please.

  Dennis1 17:18 08 Feb 2005

If you mean OE, just click on send and recieve on your toolbar.this should collect mail from all accounts.

  Kegger 17:19 08 Feb 2005

I have three email accounts set up in my Outlook profile, outlook checks each account and downloads to each mail box each time i hit send and recieve, what version of Outlook are you using?

  EdFrench 17:20 08 Feb 2005

You need to 'ADD' a second account to your outlook express mail client.
Use the wizard under:
Tools > Accounts

You will have to supply all of the details given by your ISP. This will be Email add, User name, Password, incoming server, Usually [] (or if you have a bt account.
Outgoing server Usually [] (or once again

Remember to ensure that your default account remains with the ISP that provides your connection or your outgoing (smtp) will not work. IE. you will be able to receive mail but not send it out.

  EdFrench 17:21 08 Feb 2005

All of what I said above INSTEAD of using IDENTITIES.

  Tycho 17:22 08 Feb 2005

If you are not already, you need to set up each of the accounts in Outlook and it will look at them in turn.


  EdFrench 17:23 08 Feb 2005

Note 2,
Read Outlook also for Outlook Express

  david.h 17:32 08 Feb 2005

sorry for confusion. using office xp
i will have an email address and the wife a seperate one will outlook in office xp automatically load them both into outlook without have to manualy change accounts.

  EdFrench 17:42 08 Feb 2005

This will depend on which application you are importing from. Or are you depending on an ISP installation disc?

To get two accounts working in Outlook (As part of Office XP, or any installation) You will have to manually set the accounts up if you are not importing from a previous installation. I have to say though that the Outlook Import/Export facility is not the best around.
If you are importing, any errors will also be imported so it might be better to set it up manually. (Refuse the import option at first run)

If you have separate 'Identities' then remove them and set up the two accounts on the default user account. Outlook will then check all accounts in the same session.

  david.h 17:47 08 Feb 2005

i will be setting two accounts, just need outlook to open both accounts when i press the send recieve button instead of having to switch accounts & open seperatly

  EdFrench 17:52 08 Feb 2005

I understand what you are trying to do but you are not too clear about 'Switching Accounts' How are they set up...............
A thought just came to me. There is a check box somewhere which says 'Check this account when connecting to mail server' or some such.
I think it is in the 'Account Properties' dialogue box under one of the tags.
I will have to dig up Outlook and have a look through it for you. (I don't use the bloody thing - don't like it!)

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