How to re install programs after PC cleanup

  ponytail 09:01 04 Oct 2013

I had a serious problem with laptop and took it into work for our IT chap to look at.He cleaned it up and it went back to the factory state.I did save all my important items to my external drive.But I had Emisoft and Bullguard which are no longer installed and as I do not have any software how do I re-install these programs.Also I had Windows 7 Home Premium but he changed it to Windows 7 Ultimate what is the difference.He also installed Avast free.

  wiz-king 09:18 04 Oct 2013

You should have a small text file giving your log-on details for both.

If you downloaded these programs from the web you should have stored them in the 'downloads' folder in 'my docs', so that you can install from there.

Ultimate is a multi-user version.

  ponytail 11:37 04 Oct 2013

Hi jock1e when you say download emisoft from their website will that be the full edition or the free edition.I want the full edition as I paid for it but have no key for it as I was emailed a link

  ponytail 11:39 04 Oct 2013

Hi again jock1e saw this on google

click here

  Woolwell 12:11 04 Oct 2013

Jockie - Ponytail has probably paid for Bullguard so will want it back.

Ponytail - Do you have backups of your emails?

The chap at work should have reinstalled the programs for you but would have needed the license keys. These should have been fairly straightforward to get by an IT person.

You must have downloaded the programs originally. I always keep a copy of the download (backed up).

  ponytail 13:05 04 Oct 2013

Hi guys a few answers to your question Yes I did pay for Bullguard.I went onto live chat on their website and was given the link to install it but need to get rid of Avast so which is best Avast or Bullguard.Will have to check my old emails to see if I can find the link Emisoft emailed to me I think I paid £11.99 or something like that.What do I do if I am unable to locate the link.I have emailed Emisoft explaining what happened so will see if I get a reply from them.Is Windows 7 ultimate better than home edition premium if so what is the difference.Thanks again

  ponytail 14:06 04 Oct 2013

Have just had a phone call from a lady at Emisoft and she gave me the email address of someone in their technical dept who should be able to help and have emailed him also copied to him copies of the emails I had already sent them will now wait and see what they do

  Woolwell 14:23 04 Oct 2013

Bullguard will provide more than Avast. Which version of Emisoft do you have. The top version contains anti-virus and I wouldn't run that with Bullguard or Avast.

  ponytail 17:35 04 Oct 2013

Have managed to install Emisoft have been given the key which I will keep on my external drive.The Emisoft looks like Emisoft Anti-Malaware but will check the version and let you know.All I have at present is Avast and Emisoft Bullguard is still not installed you say I should change Avast for Bullguard

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