how to put vodaphone email on a pc?

  kenwyn 06:07 27 Feb 2005

trying to set up the PC in Outlook 2000 to receive a copy of emails sent to my vodaphone mobile, using the instructions on the vodaphone website. On first connection, the error message 'could not fetch new headers in the inbox for appears(I am in NZ, but thats not relevant as vodaphone is the same here as UK). Also, the PC email cannot send emails to the phone (error message 'could not relay message')But the phone can send messages to the PC. Any suggestions?

  mgmcc 08:29 27 Feb 2005

It appears that you have set up the PC's email program to send and receive mail using your actual account with Vodafone - their mail servers on the internet, not your phone.

I suspect you have two options - (1) to use their IMAP4 and SMTP mail servers as you would with any ISP to receive and send mail by connecting to the internet with the PC and (2) possibly also to "synchronise" mail between Outlook and the phone. Messages previously "syncd" could then be sent directly from the phone.

Also, you can probably use the phone as a modem with the PC so that mail can be received/sent with the phone establishing the internet connection. In this case, the phone is not sending or receiving mail, it is just transferring data as would a normal modem.

  kenwyn 08:45 27 Feb 2005

thanks for that - I would like to set up the pc to receive a copy of any email sent to the phone, I understand with IMAP, a copy remains on vodaphones server to be viewed on the phone also, once it is switched on. It is the actual configuration of Outlook, as explained by Vodaphone, which appears to be causing a problem. Once the new account is set up in Outlook, there is an account name, but no inbox/otbox etc for it. Also whats this 'fetching new headers? - does vodaphone try & load its own logo into my Outlook account?

  kenwyn 10:17 03 Mar 2005

problem solved - after staring at the vodaphone website - I noticed - oh its vodaFone, silly me thinking Fone was spelt PHone. All details now splt n fone spk n all ok..!

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