how to put videos on archos av500

  andypandy123 16:26 27 Dec 2005

i have recently got an archos av 500 and it is brilliant but the main problem is that i cant get videos on it. i have the codec converter and that is great but it doesn't always work.
I would also like to put my dvd's on it can anybody advise mr how to do this

  Les 18:35 27 Dec 2005


I too have the av500 - what a machine!

I found that alhough my videos were AVI files they would not copy across to the Archos. Bt using the SYBC in Windows Media Player the files were changed to a form which was accepted.

Have you updated the machines OS - it should be 1.3 something, not, as mine was, 1.0.

I had trouble recording programs from the DVD recorder/player ( live TV that is) and found that, for the sound I had to use a svideo cable plus the 3 phone cable (using just the red and white phonos) to the docking attachment. The Dock was attached to the Archos, the power lead, via adaptor) to a power source. The phonos plug is of course for video and sound - I find that care has to be taken when inserting this plug into the dock - it's best to feed it in when a video is seen on the Archos screen - watching the sound level on screen whilst doing so - put the plug in completely cuts the picture - not far enough momo sound. Get it right by trial and error - recording a minute or so and then listen (by Headphones) to see it stereo recorded.

  andypandy123 11:18 28 Dec 2005

do you know how to put dvds on it aswell
also i have an ipod and some how i want to get my ipod libary(mpeg + aac) on it can you help.

  1Wizz 01:27 31 Dec 2005

I too have the same problem as andypany on my av500 60gb, but the divx6 encoder does notthing! i have mostly avi's, most of them play but sum dont, sum dont even get transfered! some of the vids say quarter pixel not supported:S and one of my videos doesnt hav sound at all.
also when i play the videos on my archos they cut off in the middle and near the end and the screen returns to the video libary.
Please help this problem is realy annoying me!

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