How to put a password on a woreless network?

  mark mcc 08:49 18 May 2006

Can anyone tell me how to put a password onto a wireless network so that it will need a network key to access it and conect to it.


its a linksys WRT54G router if that helps

if you could give me steps all the better


  Danoh 11:04 18 May 2006

Have you checked out your router's manual for instructions?
click here

There are various versions of the WRT54G, Although screen layouts may be different, the fundamentals are the same.
The network key you refer to would be called WPA or WEP, dependent on what your version of that router supports.

Also check out numerous postings in this forum. Even if they cover other makes and models, the steps for creating a WPA (preferable) or WEP passphrases/network keys/passwords are all very similar indeed.

  mgmcc 12:52 18 May 2006

If you go into the router's Setup pages (type into your web browser) and select "Wireless > Wireless Security", you may have a page like this - click here

Ideally, as Danoh suggests, you want to use WPA so set it up as per the screenshot and enter your encryption key (Passphrase) of between 8 and 63 characters.

If you need to use WEP, the key would be 10 hexadecimal characters for 64-bit encryption or 26 hex characters for 128-bit encryption. The hexadecimal characters are "0" to "9" and "a" to "f".

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