How to put my DVD Colection onto my laptop

  hubdean 14:00 09 Aug 2018

Hi Can anyone tell me the a way I can put my DVD collection onto my laptop to watch them on tv


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 09 Aug 2018

I rip them to mp4 using DVD shrink or Handbrake (google for both) as most modern TVs will play them from a USB stick or portable drive.

  wee eddie 15:36 09 Aug 2018

Portable DVD Drive, ebay, a cheap and quick solution

  martd7 16:12 09 Aug 2018


DVD Shrink rip to MP4?

Back in the day i thought the program just shrunk the data to a more manageable size chosen by yourself and rips to TS files then you can burn it straight to DVD,i don`t remember ripping to MP4

  hubdean 16:18 09 Aug 2018

OK thanks for the help though

  martd7 16:44 09 Aug 2018


Handbrake rips DVD to MP4 but I've not tried it but it's free and worth a go as Fruit bats post mentions

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 09 Aug 2018

martd7 DVD shrink to copy the disks to HDD (without DRM) handbrake to convert.

another easy program to convert DVDs (or any video file) is Freemake, unfortunately it comes pack with crapware you have to be very gareful to untick everything and then never let it update.

  wee eddie 17:31 09 Aug 2018

Also, you'll need a big Hard Drive

  martd7 18:48 09 Aug 2018


I did wonder as your wording threw me off

"I rip them to mp4 using DVD shrink or Handbrake (google for both)" Note the Or,if Hubdeans DVDs are DRM then better off as Wee Eddie's suggestion,buy a dvd player

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