How to put email links in .pdf files

  edennorman 10:55 26 Sep 2004


I have just created a word document which included email links and web url's

When I converted it to a .pdf file I found how to include web url's, but I cannot see how to include email links.
Can someone shed some light here please.

Thank you.


  User-312386 11:02 26 Sep 2004

i assume you are creating the file in WORD first then creating the .pdf document?

Heres what to do

type the e-mail address [email protected]

Next highlight that, right click and then click on hyperlink

A box opens, select the e-mail, type the e-mail address then ok

  edennorman 11:43 26 Sep 2004


Yes I am creating the word doc first and then converting it to pdf...the thing is, I create the email hyperlink in word with no do I create the web url hyperlinks in word, but when it gets converted to pdf, I lose all the hyperlinks I created in word. When the doc has been converted to pdf...I then have to re-establish the web url's and the email links...I have found out how to re-establish the web url's but cannot find a way of re-establishing the email links.

Thanks for your assistance.


  User-312386 13:18 26 Sep 2004

now thats weird as i have no problem like that

Have you tried re-installing your ".pdf maker"

What do you use by the way to create .pdf's?

I use acrobat pro

  edennorman 09:25 27 Sep 2004

To create the pdf's I make the document in word then create the pdf by printing using acrobat distiller...I use acrobat 5 to read the pdf.

Thanks for your help


  Mr A! 10:43 27 Sep 2004

i added an email address as a hyperlink in word e.g. mailto:[email protected].

I think!
Hope this helps.

  edennorman 12:18 27 Sep 2004

Hello Mr A

I'me sorry I missed what you meant...when I enter an email address I do it in address is just a typical email address e.g. mailto:[email protected]

but when it gets turned into a pdf...the link doesnt work...and I cannot see how to make an email link work in acrobat...I checked the help file but it does not mention email links...only web url's.

I appreciate everyones input.



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