How to put 8mm video onto DVD - Help

  Mortticia 10:10 13 Apr 2005


I have been delegated by the rest of the family to transfer all our old photgraphs and 8mm camcorder tapes onto DVD.

I have finished transfering all the photo's and am quite pleased with the result,problem is,now that i have got to the camcorder tapes (Video 8) I just have not got a clue what to do.

I presume I need some type of software and some means of connecting my camcorder to the pc but what?I would be most grateful for advice from anyone with experience or knowledge of this task.

Just in case it's relevant I have a fairly powerful 3g P4 pc with USB 2 connections available and fitted with a T.V capture card.

Thanks Mortticia.

  DieSse 10:13 13 Apr 2005

What kinds of outputs has the camcorder got? Have you got an adapter to play the camcorder tapes in a standard VCR?

  Mortticia 10:30 13 Apr 2005

Ooops| forgot to mention that bit.

Yes,it has the standard Video and audio L+R outputs (Yellow,red and white) and I have always connected to a VCR with an adaptor that connects these outputs to a scart socket.

Hope this makes sense!

  woodchip 11:09 13 Apr 2005

It's Analog You could do it with a Tevion DVD maker from Aldi £29.99

  woodchip 11:10 13 Apr 2005

PS you have to install just as the Book says, or it will not work. All other USB items should be removed before you "install the software" and then connect the usb Tevion

  woodchip 11:12 13 Apr 2005

It only works with Windows 2000 and Windows XP will not work with WinME or 98se

  pj123 11:15 13 Apr 2005

Also plenty of previous threads on this subject. Just type in "video to DVD" in the search box on the left hand side of this page. (not the one at the top)

Alternatively, have a look here click here

  Stonechatz 13:20 13 Apr 2005

... if you can. WMM is free - just got to any Microsoft site. You may need the use of an analog-to-digital video converter - Canopus products are good examples, not least for the fact that they lock the video signal to the audio, as sometimes varying clock-speeds on the two streams can leave your movies with a small lag (desync) between voice and lips moving ...

  TomJerry 13:48 13 Apr 2005

or so called Recordable DVD player

Lite On LVW-5006 DVD Recorder £138.87 click here

  Mortticia 17:57 13 Apr 2005

Thanks TomJerry but I refer to do it through my pc if possible.

  TomJerry 18:59 13 Apr 2005

if you want to do with PC, you need a TV turner or video capture card, I suggest, Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP Expert £32.24 click here, the quality is good and it also come video edting software

for one hour video, you need around 2.5 hours or more to transfer to DVD, 1 hour for capture, 1 hour or more to encode (with a fast PC) and 15 minute to burn

if you use DVD recorder method, 1 hour video only needs 1 hour to transfer

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