How to promote web site please

  edennorman 09:15 19 Sep 2004

I really would like to learn a good way to promote my sites, but their is so much out there that I find it very confusing, does someone have a link that will point me in a useful direction?

Thank you.


  AndySD 09:42 19 Sep 2004
  edennorman 10:20 19 Sep 2004

Thank you for the links AndySD...very informative, can I leave this question open, what people have to say about this question is of great interest.

Thank you again.


  AndySD 10:40 19 Sep 2004

The Open Directory Project click here is one of the best places to get listed although it can take some weeks. You can also submit your sites yourself to most search engines. click here and have a read.

  edennorman 13:24 19 Sep 2004

Hmm...this is very useful thanks again AndySD


  Talented Monkey 13:38 19 Sep 2004

One method is to advertise your site on your car, assuming you have a car, if you dont want to decorate your car with advertising, then print of your website address on some clear asotate sheets and make car window banner, use somthing liek washing up liquid to stick the sheet with.

  edennorman 14:26 19 Sep 2004

Yup, thats a good tip Thanks.


  Simon_P 17:04 19 Sep 2004

Weeks, months maybe a year or longer, I have been waiting 9 months, and they tell you to wait at least 6 months.

I don’t know what sort of site that you have, but I find word of mouth is a great tool and I give out cards with my website on them, when I'm out and about.

With regard to the link to my thread that AndySD gave you, my Google page rank is back to "0" but it doesn’t seem to have affected my traffic.

Search engine ranking is complicated and there doesn’t seem to be a quick fix to getting it right, apart from the page title and H1/body text.

By all means submit to the DMOZ open directory, but don’t expect to get listed any time soon. (make sure that your site(s)are complete before you do of you may have your submission removed)

Also submit to Yahoo directory click here (same deal as DMOZ)

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