How to print wirelessly with HP printer

  stlucia2 08:42 03 Feb 2014

I recently got an HP5220 printer, connected my PC to it via USB cable, and it's working fine.

The other day I decided to try its "ePrint" facility, so that I can also print to it from my tablet. I've set it up, and it's working, but not exactly as I envisaged: The printer now has its own email address, and to print to it from my Android tablet I have to send an email to it, with the document I want printed as an attachment. This then wastes paper by printing one page with the email header info, then another page with the attachment.

What I had envisaged was that any device connected to my router, either by WiFi or by cable, would be able to print directly to the printer, just like to any other wire-connected printer, without having to go via the email system. Is that not possible? I have no interest in printing to it while I'm away from home (what's the use, I won't be there to read it !?), I just want to be able to print from anything that's connected to my home WiFi.

  BRYNIT 09:45 03 Feb 2014

Which model of HP is it a deskjet, Photosmart or lazerjet?

ePrint is where you connect to the internet log onto your HP Connect account and send it to your printer via email it tell you in the instruction.

To print from the tablet you would need an app a small program allowing you to use your printer directly if it is connected via Wifi.

"What I had envisaged was that any device connected to my router, either by WiFi or by cable, would be able to print directly to the printer"

You say your printer it's connected to your PC via USB it is not connected to the router.

Is your printer wifi capable?

Have you switched the Wifi option on on the printer this is in the instruction manual. Instruction manual can be got from the HP site.

If it's Wifi capable you may have had the option to change from USB to Wifi when installing the programs or from the folder with HP programs.

  Woolwell 10:43 03 Feb 2014

The HP 5520 All-in-One printer is wifi capable. You need to connect it to the router by wifi not USB to your PC. Then use HP Wireless Direct

  xania 10:50 03 Feb 2014

You can get a copy of the manual for this machine at click here 4 page 12 explains direct wireless printing Chapter 8 page 32 explains how to set up your wireless router to work with the printer


  xania 10:52 03 Feb 2014

Oh dear try again. After 'click here' -

Chapter 4 page 12 explains direct wireless printing Chapter 8 page 32 explains how to set up your wireless router to work with the printer

  stlucia2 12:11 03 Feb 2014

Thanks for the replies. It's a Photosmart, BRYNIT.

I've been through the manual before, and didn't realise that there's two different wireless printing methods. I've now tried to set up Wireless Direct, according to the manual, using the "wizard" on the printer, and I'm getting into a lot of trouble:

When I'd got it set up on the printer, I could no longer access the internet on my PC (through my Netgear router); it just said "Resolving host ..." and then gave an "Unable to connect" message. According to a wireless analyser on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1), both my router and printer were then broadcasting very strongly on channel 11, even when WiFi was turned "Off" on the printer via the menu options on the panel. I was also getting a "Windows - System Error IP address conflict" error message on my PC (Windows 98 fully up to date).

After re-booting my PC I was able to reconfigure my router to use another clear channel, and after another re-boot I was able to get back onto the internet to make this post.

With Wireless Direct switched on on the printer, my tablet's setup utility finds it and connects to it. But then when I try to send a photo to print, using the Wireless Direct option instead of the e-mail option, it searches and says there's no appropriate device connected.

I'm beginning to think it's not worth the bother. In the past I've emailed things to myself when I've wanted to print from my tablet, and then printed from the PC. Seems much easier!!

  stlucia2 12:20 03 Feb 2014

It must be driving me mad!! I meant, of course, Windows XP fully up to date, not Windows 98 ...

  Woolwell 12:34 03 Feb 2014

Is the printer still connected by USB to the PC?

  xania 12:50 03 Feb 2014

The way I have had to deal with this is to scrap the USB connection and only print wirelessly. I suggest you uninstall the printer completely and reinstall using the wireless option

  BRYNIT 14:43 03 Feb 2014

Wireless direct is a direct connection from the printer to the computer this will cut of the signal from the router as the computer as the computer cannot connect to two devices at once.

You need your printer to connect to your computer through your router.

As I cannot find the instruction for your Printer I'm just guessing as your is a Photosmart 5220.

On your printer in settings make sure wireless is on and that direct printing is turned off.

If the menu on your printer is similar to the Photosmart 5520 you should have a Wifi setup option/wizard if you have you should be able to select the SIDD name of your router and enter the password this will allow the printer to connect via the router.

Once the printer and router are connected go to the HP folder and select the printer setup this should hopefully allow you to install the Wifi printer.

  stlucia2 19:55 03 Feb 2014

OK, what you say about the wireless setup not being able to work with the printer connected to the PC by USB seems like the cause of my problem, though I don't see any warning about it in the manual. And I'm not sure I understand the reasoning either, for I'm not asking my PC to connect wirelessly as well as by USB. So, why does that stop the printer from "talking" to the tablet via the WiFi router?

Anyway, thanks for all the advice you and the others have given. I'm going to abandon the idea of wireless printing, for this afternoon I found that my tablet won't connect to the internet (via WiFi using my router) while it's connected to the printer. So the issues it's throwing up are just not worth the hassle.

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