How to print solid gridlines in excel 2003?

  [email protected] 09:56 29 Oct 2009

My uncle has Excel 2003 and wants to print a worksheet out. In the preview the lines are dotted and it prints that way. he wants solid lines and although I've tried formatting a cell with borders etc I can't see where to just change the gridlines to solid. I am trying to help long distance and no longer have Excel 2003 so if anybody could advise I'd be grateful !

  VoG II 10:02 29 Oct 2009

Select the cells, Format > Cells > Border tab, in the Style box click on one of the solid lines then click OK.

  [email protected] 10:39 29 Oct 2009

Thank, he says he did that (I talked him through it)I will try again!
Can you remind me, do you get to format cells by right clicking on the page or is there a tab at the top? (I'm flying blind here lol!)

  VoG II 10:44 29 Oct 2009

On the menu bar click Format then click Cells (the top option). Then click the Border tab on the dialog box that pops up. You have to select the cells before doing this.

  Simsy 11:05 29 Oct 2009

From the preview dialogue, choose "Setup" go to the "Sheet" tab and tick the box marke "Gridlines".

This will do just than, print the gridlines of the spreadsheet. Any borders that are set as per the post from VoG™ will override the "normal" gridlines.

Hope this helps.



  [email protected] 11:24 29 Oct 2009

Thanks Simsy, I did that before and they were dashed lines!

  VoG II 11:27 29 Oct 2009

This is beginning to sound like a printer driver problem (Excel uses them even for print preview).

To test this create a table with borders in Word and see if the same thing happens.

  Simsy 12:05 29 Oct 2009

Clutching at straws... If VoG™'s suggestion for a test in "Word" gives the same problem, check first whether the printer is set for "draft" mode. That "might" give rise to what's happening.



  [email protected] 15:38 29 Oct 2009

I have told him to check it isn't in draft mode. I'll wait for him to report back- I'm having to keep it simple ;)

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