How to print a screen print

  ponytail 22:21 21 Jul 2014

I want to get a screen print of a message and send it to my friend but as I have never done this have no idea how to do it.Looked on google and it says something about pressing the Prt sc key and something about clipboard.My OS is windows 7 and have been told clipboard is not on windows 7.Not able to copy this message. Thank's

  northumbria61 03:34 22 Jul 2014

Windows 7 has a clipboard, just not a clipboard viewer.

See here Clipboard

Why not use the Snipping Tool in Windows 7 - Type Snipping into the start search box and hit enter.

There are alternative 3rd party programs that will also do the job for you. The one I use is Ashampoo Snap 7 in this link Ashampoo Downloads

  northumbria61 03:37 22 Jul 2014

Forgot to say - Ashampoo download will give you the option of a Trial Version which I think is up to 30days

  Ian in Northampton 10:07 22 Jul 2014

I've never used the snipping tool. What I do is:

  1. Ensure the mouse is on the page I want to save/print
  2. Press 'Alt' and 'Prt Scrn' together. An image of the screen is now on the clipboard
  3. Open a new document in an image viewer, Word, PowerPoint or whatever
  4. Click 'paste'.

Your screen image is now a document/file that you can do with as you wish - e.g. attach to an email, print and so on.

  alanrwood 11:02 22 Jul 2014

Use DuckCapture or DuckLink. It allows capture of whole screen, window rectangle polygon and even a scrolling screen. Its free.

  john bunyan 09:25 31 Jul 2014


One other way, on W7,is to use the snipping tool. (Look it up). You can save the snip as a .jpeg.

BTW I looked at your profile and only one of your queries has a green tick - are they all outstanding?

  SparkyJack 12:49 31 Jul 2014

Has Win7moved that far from XP/Vista?

When a heed to print an image on screen,for example a response to a question on here simply press Ctrl/p.

The printer box comes up,take it from there.

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