How to print photos

  ponytail 17:43 06 Nov 2012

My wife would like me to print some photos of her late sister and some of her family.They come in different sizes.How do I do it what paper do I need.My printer is a Brother DCP-J315W.I have never done this before so all new to me.When you use the paper is it shiny side up or down.If I get A4 size paper it will need to be trimmed/cut how do I do that.Any help appreciated.

  mooly 18:03 06 Nov 2012

You might be better just putting the photos onto a USB stick, an SD card or CDR and taking them to any well known "high street" printer. Staff are usually helpful and knowledgeable and it probably works out a lot cheaper too.

If you want to do it yourself you can from within Windows (assuming that's what you use). Windows photo gallery has an option to crop pictures etc and size them to common paper sizes.

And yes glossy side up :)

  wiz-king 18:10 06 Nov 2012

You will need inkjet photo paper and I thik it goes glossy side down - I suggest you start with ordinary plain paper to see how it goes the go onto postcard size photo paper. Brother used to give a few sheets away with each printer (if you didnt throw it away with the packaging!)

  ponytail 18:16 06 Nov 2012

Hi mooly I have windows 7 so what is the procedure for printing photos.Do not forget that this is all very new to me.Do I need to get A4 size paper

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:22 06 Nov 2012

Video of how to print pictures

If you want to print several on a page import them to a word document and arrange to suit - print the page - trim to size

  mooly 18:42 06 Nov 2012

One step at a time, and there are many many ways of doing this...

I'm assuming you have "photo gallery" already pre-installed ?

Goto the start orb bottom left and click on it. Hover cursor over "all programs" and look for "photo gallery". Click on the program to open it. You should be able to see all your pictures displayed. Use the left hand menu if necessary to browse for any folders not displaying that may contain pictures.

Double click on a picture and it will open in the "edit" tab showing on the top ribbon of the gallery.

Lets get that far first.

If you want a picture as big as an A4 then yes you need A4 paper.

  lotvic 18:53 06 Nov 2012

It's cheaper to practice printing out using plain paper.

I often print photos by importing from file into Word as I can resize them (using corner to keep the proper ratio height and width) and arrange several on a page. Can also arrange them collage style and tilt a photo.

  Woolwell 19:00 06 Nov 2012

Firstly read your printer manual which will tell you how to load photo paper. Photo paper comes in different sizes eg 6x4, 7x5, A4, etc. Some photo papers work better with some brands of printers than others. Your photos should in the Pictures library in W7, if you find the photo, double click on it and it should open in Photo Gallery and one of the options is print which then allows you to choose printer, paper size and options. Play on plain paper first.

But it is cheaper and often easier to put the photos on a sd card (or similar) and take to Jessops or Tescos and print there. Alternatively use online like Snapfish and upload your photos, follow the instructions and the photos will be posted to you very quickly.

  Nontek 19:34 06 Nov 2012

In my new Epson PX730WD, I need to place Photo-paper Shiny side Down - this is the first Epson that I have that stipulates this - all previous ones have needed Shiny side Up.

So make sure you read Media Loading Options in your Printer instructions.

  lotvic 19:58 06 Nov 2012

I just realised we are all presuming that the photos have already been scanned and saved as a picture files on pc.

  Woolwell 20:18 06 Nov 2012

lotvic - Good point.

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