How to print photos

  ponytail 17:43 06 Nov 2012

My wife would like me to print some photos of her late sister and some of her family.They come in different sizes.How do I do it what paper do I need.My printer is a Brother DCP-J315W.I have never done this before so all new to me.When you use the paper is it shiny side up or down.If I get A4 size paper it will need to be trimmed/cut how do I do that.Any help appreciated.

  ponytail 18:16 06 Nov 2012

Hi mooly I have windows 7 so what is the procedure for printing photos.Do not forget that this is all very new to me.Do I need to get A4 size paper

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:22 06 Nov 2012

Video of how to print pictures

If you want to print several on a page import them to a word document and arrange to suit - print the page - trim to size

  lotvic 18:53 06 Nov 2012

It's cheaper to practice printing out using plain paper.

I often print photos by importing from file into Word as I can resize them (using corner to keep the proper ratio height and width) and arrange several on a page. Can also arrange them collage style and tilt a photo.

  Nontek 19:34 06 Nov 2012

In my new Epson PX730WD, I need to place Photo-paper Shiny side Down - this is the first Epson that I have that stipulates this - all previous ones have needed Shiny side Up.

So make sure you read Media Loading Options in your Printer instructions.

  lotvic 19:58 06 Nov 2012

I just realised we are all presuming that the photos have already been scanned and saved as a picture files on pc.

  lotvic 11:54 07 Nov 2012

Thanks wiz-king I missed the other thread, looks like ponytail has already sorted the scanning

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