How to print in a larger size from email attachmen

  bumpkin 18:45 08 Mar 2018

I am being sent Email attachments (copies of book pages taken on an iphone) When I view them part of the screen is meaningless code and then a very small Jpeg image. I can read the image on my screen using the magnifier but wish to print it on an a4 sheet at a readable size.

Using W10 on desktop, printer is Canon MP492. My attempts so for have only resulted in a tiny image about the size of a fag packet or playing card and a load of gobledegook code.

  wiganken2 21:22 08 Mar 2018

Ask the person sending you the attachments to use an ordinary camera (not an iphone) to take the pictures and send them to you. The iphone is the problem.

  bumpkin 21:21 09 Mar 2018


  lotvic 22:21 09 Mar 2018

Are you saving the attached jpeg to file on your hard drive and then opening it in whatever paint or image program you use and then printing it?

  bumpkin 19:18 10 Mar 2018

No I am just clicking on the email attachment and get loads of lines of gibberish, most of the page and then a tiny image.

  wiganken2 21:29 10 Mar 2018

Try dragging and dropping the jpeg file (photo) onto your desktop and then double click it to view it. If it is still very small it is because it is very low resolution and the iphone setting that took it needs to be changed to take high resolution pictures. Ask your sender to check (and change) their iphone resolution.

  bumpkin 20:47 11 Mar 2018

Thanks but it didn't work. I can read it fine on the screen if I use the magnifier but can't print it.

  wee eddie 21:03 11 Mar 2018

Drop it into a Word Document

  wee eddie 21:07 11 Mar 2018

If you copy it into your PC, how many 'kb's is it?

  wiganken2 21:38 11 Mar 2018

I repeat my first post dated 8th March.

  bumpkin 21:12 12 Mar 2018

If you copy it into your PC, how many 'kb's is it?


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