How to print different size photos

  ponytail 10:17 16 Dec 2012

I have scanned some photos onto my external drive and would like to print them on photo paper.When I right click on them and select print there are eseveral sizes to choose from ie 13x18,20x25,10x15 etc I presume these are centimetres.My photos are mostly 6x4 inches.The only photo paper I have at pesent is A4 size.Can I get the size to fit and if so what am I looking for and how do I load that size paper into the tray.My printer is a Brother DCP-J315W

  johndrew 10:34 16 Dec 2012

This article was published by PCA a while back but may answer your question.

  spuds 10:34 16 Dec 2012

Your 6"x4" will be 10x15 on conversion. if you select that, that is what you will get on an A4 sheet of paper, unless you have a software program that will 'size' your prints to other formats.

Using other size photo paper, you may need to adjust your tray on the printer.

  lotvic 10:50 16 Dec 2012

If you are talking about Windows Photo Printing Wizard - no matter what size you choose the photo to be it will be printed on a A4 sheet if that is what your printer preferences page size is set to.

If you click on the size '10x15cm cutout prints cropped and rotated' that equals each pic 4"x6" and will fit three photos onto one A4 sheet. If you choose '10x15cm album prints' it fits two pics on each A4 sheet. (so if you have selected to print 4 pics you will need two A4 sheets)

You should get a preview of how they are going to fit on the A4 sheet when you click on your selected layout.

It's always good practice to print out on plain paper first to check it's ok before you use the more expensive photo paper.

  Ian in Northampton 13:30 16 Dec 2012

If your pics are 6 x 4 and you've only got A4 photo paper, you could paste them into a Word document and print two pictures on one sheet of paper. Word will allow you to resize your images on the page to fit.

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