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How to print contacts folder

  Trenny 14:18 19 Aug 2016

How can I print a contacts list, please? I want the name, email and home address of each individual as a list. I have windows 10. I have tried several suggestions on line without success. I don't mind printing them out as labels, say 14 to a page.

  wee eddie 15:07 19 Aug 2016

What Program are the Contacts in?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:21 19 Aug 2016

what program are your contacts in, windows mail? Outlook?

  Trenny 16:02 19 Aug 2016

Windows mail. I have a thousand odd contacts in the folder, many of which I don't want. I am in the process of copying the fifty or so which I want to a new sub-folder.

  Trenny 16:07 19 Aug 2016

ie windows livemail

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 19 Aug 2016
  Trenny 11:17 20 Aug 2016

Thank you Fruitbat. I don't really want a csv file as it puts each address on one long line. Isn't there a way that it would print as labels, say 14 to a page?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:34 20 Aug 2016

Trenny, in Windows Live Mail, open the Contacts section, go to "Print" and choose the option that best suits what you want. Or I am missing something?

I don't really want a csv file..............Isn't there a way that it would print as labels, say 14 to a page?

You can use the CSV as a data source and use "Mail Merge" in your word processor program to create the labels you want.

By the way, this is the third thread you've started since November of last year. Stick with this one and don't forget to reply.

  Trenny 17:10 20 Aug 2016

Right, secret squirrel, I have created a csv file.How do I get it into my word-processing program (ie word)? The csv file is currently in Excel. I use windows 10.

Yes, I fear that my mental powers have deteriorated badly with age, but I battle on. It is so frustrating.

I don't know if it is the fault of PC Advisor, but I keep getting half page adverts on the screen, which doesn't help.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:01 20 Aug 2016

How do I get it into my word-processing program (ie word)?

I was hoping that you'd know how to do a mail merge. It is a tad complicated unfortunately, but essentially, you open Word, start the "Mail Merge Wizard", choose "Labels", choose your CSV as the recipient list, insert an "Address Block" and also the email address. You will probably need to do a bit of tweaking to match the fields and make the label layout look good. If all of that sounds too daunting then Google your version of Word and the keywords "Mail Merge" and hopefully you'll find an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

I've just tried it and it does work. If you get stuck at a particular place in the process then get back to me.

...but I keep getting half page adverts on the screen, which doesn't help.

Install the Adblock Plus add-on in your browser. It will make a massive difference, especially with sites like this one that are overloaded with media-rich advertisements.

Good luck with everything.

  Trenny 09:49 25 Aug 2016

Many thanks for telling me about adblock. It certainly did the trick.

I'll work on the mail merge otion and close this thread.

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