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how to print cards/documents for bowling club

  alibob1526 11:12 01 Mar 2017

I need to print score cards & games documents for my local flat green bowling club. I only have Libre office installed,(cant afford Win. office), is there an easy way to do this as I do not have a clue how to go about setting up printer to print score cards or games documents or notices. Any advice would be appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:51 01 Mar 2017

Tenpin, Crown or Flat? :0)

Look for a template for Libre or Open office click here

  Forum Editor 12:46 01 Mar 2017

Take a look at this.

You should be able to open most templates in Libre Office - it has very good compatibility with MS Office.

Once you have your template you can open it and edit it as required, then simply save and print it in the normal way.

  csqwared 14:49 01 Mar 2017

You've not said whether ten pin, crown or flat bowls. You might find this handy

Bowls Docs

and, as has been pointed out, Libre Office deals very well with MS Office documents. I use it all the time with no problem.

  csqwared 14:50 01 Mar 2017

Wrong link - try here

Bowls Docs

  alibob1526 10:10 25 Mar 2017

To all those kind & knowledgeable people who have sent help & advice to all my posts in the past, Thank You All. I hope this gets through as this is the first time I have been able to find how to thank people, I hope this is successful. In hope, once again Thank You All. alibob.

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