How to prevent password being shown on Facebook

  ponytail 08:36 28 May 2014

When I go into facebook my password is automatically remembered.How do I stop that so that I have to enter the password when I want to go into the program

  chub_tor 08:53 28 May 2014
  ponytail 23:03 28 May 2014

I do not use Google chrome so what do I do Thanks for your reply

  hastelloy 07:50 29 May 2014

As chubtor said Google is your friend:link. You don't say which browser you do use. If it's Firefox just scroll down on chubtor's link.

  ponytail 08:17 29 May 2014

I have IE 10 and have Google but not Google chrome and where do I find settings.Thanks again

  hastelloy 11:23 29 May 2014

Most of the links in my last post give you that information. The 2nd result is probably better than the 1st.

  ponytail 21:17 29 May 2014

Hi marvin42 have just tried your suggestion clicked on tools then options then internet options then content then clicked on settings on Autocomplete then unticked user names and passwords on forms but I can still get into facebook without signing in

  lotvic 21:31 29 May 2014

Maybe you have to delete the Cookie that remembers you and your password.

Log out of Facebook. Clear cookies and see if that works.

  ponytail 22:13 29 May 2014

I do not mind deleting all saved passwords as I have them all written down anyway as there are to many to remember.How do I clear cookies as have never done it.Thanks

  [DELETED] 22:16 29 May 2014

The easiest way I can think of is to log out of Facebook and close IE. Open Ccleaner, if you have it, go to the options icon, then cookies. The facebook cookie will be in the right pane under "Cookies to keep". Move it to the left pane, right click and delete.

Open IE again and click on the Facebook icon, type name and password and select 'never for this site' when you get the option to save the password.

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