How to prevent my kids from visitin dodgy websites

  YinHoNg 12:08 15 Sep 2005

What is the best way to go about preventing my kids visiting any pornographic sites? Or any other dodgy sites?

  Legolas 12:17 15 Sep 2005

Have the computer in the Lounge and put on a pass word that only you know so they cannot go on when you are not there. If this a a little restrictive you could try one of the software packages that blocks access to certain sites such as cyberpatrol.

  Chegs ® 12:21 15 Sep 2005

There is also the Tools/Options/Privacy where you can block access to URL's,pages with xyz in the wording,etc.

  pj123 14:21 15 Sep 2005

Kids are very computer literate these days (probably more so than you are). Passwords won't deter them, they can overcome that problem if they want to.

The only way is 1. Don't let them on it in the first place. or 2. As Legolas says, make sure the computer is in a communal area where everyone can see what is on the screen at any time.

  ChrisRLG 15:09 15 Sep 2005


Put the computer in the main family room, NOT the childs room.


Make sure you pass the computer and LOOK each time you do, to see what they are doing.


Try this software, I use it for my church, 12 computers, used like a library system, with lots of users each day.

click here

If they try to remove it will break the internet connection, so they will get nowhere.


MS MVP - Security 2005

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  Belatucadrus 15:28 15 Sep 2005

click here

click here

click here

click here

I don't subscribe to the Kids as invincible computer supremo's hacking their way through all security in seconds ideology, while there are definitely some who's abilities can make your head spin, most are as mortal as the rest of us.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:36 15 Sep 2005

preventing my kids visiting any pornographic sites? Or any other dodgy sites?

There are so many "dodgy sites" out there that it is impossible to block every one.

Kids are curious thats' their nature. The best policy is to teach them respect for others and the values of polite society, then give them a certain amount of trust.

Just make sure your PC is protected well with antivirus and antispyware programs.

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