How to prevent credit card usage in a cybercafe

  Muslimat79 18:09 19 Oct 2004

I have a cafe in Nigeria where fraud is rampant by using stolen credit card information. These cards are used in most of the internet cafe. Is there any software I can installed on every client connected to the internet that will prevent or block the use of credit card or the website as soon as checkout is clicked or before it is clicked? Please help me as I'm in dare need of any software that can do this.

  spuds 23:34 19 Oct 2004

What you are trying to obtain is going to be a difficult task. Have you discussed this problem with your banking company, as they may have a possible solution.

In-house monitoring would be out of the question, for various legal and other reasons, I suppose!.

  Muslimat79 10:06 11 Jul 2006

I do not accept Credit Card as payment method. I just want a software that I can use on all the client that will immediately, as setup, detect and block any credit card during checkout. Or Prevent using credit cards at all.

  Simsy 15:13 11 Jul 2006

I suspect pesala has it right...

"If I understand the question rightly you wish to stop criminals from using your internet cafe to purchase goods online, not stop them paying you with stolen credit cards."



  Forum Editor 00:22 12 Jul 2006

Maybe it's not us who need to wise up.

Other forum members will no doubt continue to respond if they see fit, and I'll make sure that Muslimat79 has the opportunity to get some help and advice if he/she still needs it. He/she has been a member of the forum for five years, and I see no reason to slam the door on the basis of his/her country, or the fact that it's been a while since the thread received a post.

  namtas 07:45 12 Jul 2006

I am sorry, but I also feel that perhaps this is not all as it appears, I will apologise if my feelings are proved wrong. Perhaps Muslimat79 could give us more detail as to what or who he is protecting or trying to achieve so that we can help better

  Simsy 10:17 12 Jul 2006

That is my reading of it also.



  spuds 10:27 12 Jul 2006

Remember that this thread originated on Tue, 19/10/04 @ 18.09, and Muslimat79 didn't add any further response till Tue,11/07/06 @ 10.06.

Perhaps Muslimat79 situation as changed, and the problem no longer really applies after the approx twenty/twenty one month waiting period in Muslimat79 delayed 2nd response. Why doe's it seem that everyone's getting rather hot under the collar, about a possible 'now' none event, that should have been resolved many months ago, due to the possible seriousness of the matter?.

  Muslimat79 11:03 18 Jul 2006

Hi everyone.
I'm not trying to do anything stupid. I posted the question when I was in London before I moved down to Nigeria to manage my own business. I started the cafe business and with law govening things in Nigeria now, every cafe owner must make sure the fraudsters dont' use their cafe for illegal things like that.

I just want that software that will block the use of credit card on any website in my cafe. With EFCC in Nigria, we do not tolerate any form of fraud or impersonation. If anyone could help, I want to block the use of credit card and not accepting credit card. I will be happy if people really understand my point of view.

I'm now in Nigeria managing my cafe business. A software that blocks is what I'm looking for and not one that accepts as I NEVER accept credit card in my cafe for any form of payment or anything.

Thanks for all your responses.

  Muslimat79 11:18 18 Jul 2006

Please do not see my late in response as someone who's not responsible or who've found a solution to this problem. Managing a cafe business isn't at all an easy job for me. I got lots of things to put together and come back to the security issues.

I'm really sorry if anyone could think that a message posted over a year ago could mean no solution. This is my stand: FIGHTING CORRUPTION OF ANY FORM AND NOT PROMOTING IT.

Nigeria, yeah, could be labelled but I'm telling you that we doing the best we can to make sure things are ok. You do not judge the whole nation because of certain careless people. There are lots of them like that in any country you can ever think of.

Please I need solution to this if ever is available at an affordable charge.

Thanks so much once again.

  Muslimat79 11:30 18 Jul 2006

Thanks De Marcus.
I'm trying to see the preCharge how it's going to help in solving the situation.

When I finished with the downloading and evaluate, I will surely let you all know if at all problem solved or not.

But once again, I appreciate every response provided here.

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