How to prepare photos for email

  bowl 23:43 25 Apr 2005

Hi can someone please explain to me how to make photo files smaller foe emailing. Thanks
O/S 98se

  lester1 23:54 25 Apr 2005

Change the picture format to jpeg, this compresses the file and allows easy e-mailing

  marjted 00:02 26 Apr 2005

There are generally 2 main stages in preparing an image for e-mail.
1. Because the image is probably intended to be viewed on a monitor screen with a limited pixel display, ignore the linear dimensions and reduce the longest side to about 500 pixels. The size of thisa file can them also be further reduced by saving it at a lower level of quality as a jpg or jpeg file. About 70% or less for starters.

Irfanview click here
is a freeware programme which has a useful routine to achieve this. Having opened your image in Irfanview, click on the IMAGE menu at the top of the Irfanview window. Here you will see an item 'Resize/resample. Open this up and you have a number of ways of changing your image.

Hope this helps

  TomJerry 00:04 26 Apr 2005

click here to resize to make it small, you will lost quality of course, but the file will not be big if you make 1024x768 and it will still be great for screen view

  Simsy 05:23 26 Apr 2005

after changing the photo to use "Save as..." rather than "Save", and give it a different name, otherwise your original will be changed forever!



  jack 08:34 26 Apr 2005

All the above advice is valid, this what what I do to make it a routine operation.
1. Create a new folder - call it pix for E-mail
2. In an image editor resize the image to 800 x600
and using 'Save As' select JPEG as image type
redirect it to the new folder.
3. Select this 'E-Mail only' picture when you need.

  Hamish 08:42 26 Apr 2005

Try the following site. Good. click here

  Bagsey 09:01 26 Apr 2005

If you are using XP then use the following method. Open your picture folder and select photos to be sent. Right click this selection. You will get an option of send to email or send to, click this and you will get a option to send photo as is or reduce size click on your choice and a blank email will open ready for you to complete with photos attached in reduced state.

  Hamish 09:34 26 Apr 2005

I should have said that with FXfoto you can make a collage of you photos and send that by email.

  Stuartli 09:54 26 Apr 2005

Bowl does say that his operating system is Windows 98SE, but your advice is the same as I would have offered in the case of XP.

  Stuartli 10:03 26 Apr 2005

Apart from the superb Irfanview utility, there's also a very neat little offering called PIXresizer from click here

This makes resizing single or batch pix files into a choice of files and resolution, including .jpeg(s), a cinch. It's now on Version 1.0.8.

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