How to prepare my computer for the next crash?

  Triprajul 13:29 06 May 2010


A few weeks ago, I had my computer reformatted/fixed by a friend and right now it seems to be working fine. However, I now have some nervousness about my computer. My wife uses the computer a lot and the last crash upset her a lot. Is there any program or whatever I can download (hopefully for free) that I could use to reboot or whatever my computer after a windows crash? I use Windows XP (S2). This program seems stable now but I just want to be very careful. Any advice given is greatly appreciated.

  gardener 14:14 06 May 2010

I would suggest you purchase Acronis True Image. The programme backs up the entire operating system and programmes so, in the event of a crash and possible data loss you can restore the whole lot. It's one programme I could not do without.

  Bazz2000 15:12 06 May 2010

There are several things you could do that would get you pc back after a crash but most are quite complicated.
The best advice I would give is to make sure anything you cant replace, like pictures etc be backed up. There are endless amounts of free storage sites on the web as well as free programs that will automatically do it for you. At least then if the system does crash you wont lose anything umportant.

  Diemmess 15:44 06 May 2010

Exactly as gardener says Acronis can be a life saver. The core part of its alternatives will work every time, just use the default settings.

Make a Backup with it and repeat whenever you have the time so that there is always one Backup to Restore and a much older one to delete.
You can Restore if things become sticky-tricky and overwrite the damaged version.

Though a program like Acronis is so good, you should perhaps consider a re-arrangement of your HD, others may differ.
I keep Windows of course and the applications on C: but in order to avoid having everything on one drive I keep all data, music or pictures on another partition.

There are batch programs and "EZBackitup" is a freebie I use to update the data files away from the main HD. This is very fast, once the program has done it for the first time
That is just in case the whole HD itself goes belly up

  six-h 16:11 06 May 2010

Since XP is now aproaching the end of its MS support, it might be a good idea to install SP3 so that you are fully up to date with known security issues.
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  HXP 16:32 06 May 2010

I think one of the worst things of a computer crash is all the potential data ( photos , documents etc ) you could lose so an external USB hard drive to back up to is pretty essential. Even if you do buy Acronis ( recommended by myself as well ) you need something to back it up to otherwise if the internal hard drive fails the back up goes with it. Picked up a 320 gb external USB hard drive for £45 so if posssible I would invest in one - at least if the worst happens your important documents are safe(r).If you can't stretch to that then at least back up to DVD.
Good luck

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