How to play music on PSP

  Roy* 22:53 12 Jan 2007

Please help, spent several hours trying to save some music for my son on his PSP.

PSP is connected to PC with USB cable and has 1GB memory stick duo in.

Tried saving a photo, works a treat.

Saved 5 tracks (MP3, which according to instructions, is supported by PSP) onto the memory stick. The tracks will play on the PC when selecting tracks from the PSP as a ‘removable disc’. When you go to the music folder on the PSP it shows the artist folder but says ‘0 Tracks’. Select it and it says 'There are no tracks', so the PSP doesn't seem to recognise what's in it?

My sons gone to bed now as his muppet Dad has failed with this basic task, so please could anyone give me a step by step, is there something in the PSP set up that needs altering?

  sean-278262 03:29 13 Jan 2007

Are the mp3 files in mp3 format that the PSP can work with?

Some people who dont know how to do things call any audio file an mp3. So are you sure you ripped them to mp3 format? As far as I am aware the PSP doesnt support WMA (standard ripping format for windows media player) and MP3pro is also not supported.

  Roy* 11:07 15 Jan 2007

The problem was that I pasted into the music folder whole folders by artist. This does not work you have to paste only the tracks in to the music folder of the PSP. So the music works now, thanks. However the follow the same logic with the pictures into the 'photo' folder and the PSP says there not there? Format is JPEG which is supported according to the instruction manual.

Anyway thanks for your feedback.

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