how to place a pic in word

  [DELETED] 15:45 19 Aug 2003

can get in word page but it is does not show pic just like the way it is saved on desk top
how do get the pic on .cheers

  woodchip 15:53 19 Aug 2003

Open Word and make the window smaller than full size open the program you have got the pic or Explorer and drag the pic to word doc it should just drop into word. Or yo may be able to create a graphics box like I do in WordPerfect and drag the pic to the box, or right click the Graphics box and import Image

  woodchip 15:55 19 Aug 2003

PS or simply copy Image and paste into word

  [DELETED] 15:57 19 Aug 2003

Pardon. To insert an image into a Word file click on the Insert menu, then picture and then from file. Browse to where the picture is. If you cannot put the image where you want, uncheck picture placeholders in options. I think that's what you were asking.

  Taff36 16:02 19 Aug 2003

In Word INSERT>PICTURE>FROM FILE then navigate to the file (In your case the desktop) and select it. Once it is in the word document you can click it and move it around. If you have any problems with text wrapping etc right click the image and select FORMAT PICTURE.

Another tip is to create a text box in Word and insert your picture into that. For this you need to show the Drawing toolbar. (Right click any spare space in a toolbar and select it - it will appear at the botom of the screen) Then depress the text box button and drag a text box anywhere in your word document. Click in the new text box and then follow paragraph one above.

Using the Drawing toolbar you can do a lot of things with the image. (Rotate it for example) Also when you click it you should get up a little floating toolbar that enables you to adjust contrast and brightness.

Now here`s the rub. JPG files, particularly off the web will be highly compressed. Otherwise they take forever to download. They look great on the screen but don`t print well in Word documents if they have been enlarged above their original size.

Hope this helps - if not post again!

  [DELETED] 16:27 19 Aug 2003

But that is it if i press insert it goes to another screen pkg.iam no comp expert

  Taff36 16:47 19 Aug 2003

What do you mean by "another screen pkg.?"

Are you selecting INSERT from the top menu bar?

  [DELETED] 16:56 19 Aug 2003

to another seperate page it says pkg in the bar

  [DELETED] 17:28 19 Aug 2003

do i have to have word doc. a certain doc as it says unicode text word what do they all mean?

  [DELETED] 17:48 19 Aug 2003

By far the best way is to insert a text box in Word. Then insert the picture inside the text box. This allows you to position it anywhere on the page and resize it. If you go to Format>Text Box you can select different frames and colours (or none), you can select to move/not to move with text and get rid of the margins (or equalize them) within the text box and much more.

  wee eddie 20:14 19 Aug 2003

In which case we'll probably need to start again

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