how perfect should a tft monitor be?

  cheerup347 16:10 02 Jan 2008


ive had my new 19' flat screen tft monitor for about a month now and ive jsut noticed a sort of grey blop around 2mm in diamter to the right of the screen. its definitely inside the screen if that makes sence.

is this expected or should i take it bak and ask for a replacement?


  silverous 16:17 02 Jan 2008

Sounds like it may be dead pixels. Different manufacturers seem to have different rules about what constitutes a "failure" on this, depending on how good your supplier is they may claim that they will not replace it as it is not a "Failure". I had a big argument once with PC World about this on a laptop (I think fewer dead pixels than it sounds like you have) and gave up in the end, I'm not sure if there have been successes under the Sale of Goods act on the grounds that such goods are inherently faulty.

Perhaps look at:

click here

  interzone55 16:49 02 Jan 2008

Different manufacturers have different rules regarding dead pixels.

Normally the rules state something like "4 permanently off (black) pixels or 3 permanently on (white) pixels". There are different rules about placement as well, with priority placed on pixels in the middle of the screen.

What make is your screen? You could perhaps look at their web-site to see their dead-pixel policy, or it may be in the warranty that came with the screen.

Having said all that though, it's unlikely that a "grey blop" is down to dead pixels, as they normally show as black, white, red, green or blue depending on the cause of the "deadness". I think it's more likely to be something caught between the outer skin & the screen.

  Pamy 17:05 02 Jan 2008

If it was not like that when you bought it then, I would take it back (noyhing ventured, nothing gained is my motto

  harry12 17:50 02 Jan 2008

try Dead Pixel Buddy which goes through all the colours on your screen and will show up any faulty pixels. To find it just Google.

  Technotiger 18:14 02 Jan 2008

I am an 'oldie' but I think 2mm is about half an inch, if I am right then I would say that this blob is something other than dead pixels. So yes, I would advise you to return it and ask for a replacement soonest.

  sunny staines 18:15 02 Jan 2008

if you bought a new car from the show room and it had scratched paint work would you accept it?

to me its the same principle should be in woking order and in new condition as expected/advertised.

  SANTOS7 18:20 02 Jan 2008

Not quite when PC monitors are concearned, it will much depend on the "dead pixel policy" the manufacturer has, they are quite within their rights to tell you "thats tough" or in some cases they will be more than happy to replace your monitor purely as a gesture of good will...

  natdoor 18:45 02 Jan 2008

I am an 'oldie' too but can assure you that 2 mm is about one twelfth of an inch.

  SANTOS7 18:49 02 Jan 2008

0.0787401574804 inches at a rough guess...

  Pamy 18:54 02 Jan 2008

SANTOS7, that was a rough guess, couldn't you have used a computer?

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