How to partition a second hard drive

  bri-an 16:16 05 Feb 2005

A friend has a second hard drive and it has only one partition, (or is that no partitions?-one big partition in other words!).
He wants to create a 40Gb partition, how will we go about it? In very simple lamguage if possible. Sorry if this is a 'silly' Q, but we are both novices in this area.

  AndySD 16:20 05 Feb 2005

what operating system?

  bri-an 16:43 05 Feb 2005

Sorry, he has XPhome

  AndySD 16:46 05 Feb 2005

Go Start then Right Click on My Computer then left click on Manage. Now left Click on Disk Management, he will see the new drive if he right clicks on that the options and help are there.

  bri-an 17:11 05 Feb 2005

Presumably we will we need to 'delete' first? The other options 'Change drive letter, format' dont seem to be what is needed. Is this correct?

  AndySD 17:13 05 Feb 2005


Yes you will need to delete the current partition and then create new ones in the unused space.

  bri-an 17:16 05 Feb 2005

Thanks, AndySD - will let you know how we get on.

  mattyc_92 17:16 05 Feb 2005

What AndySD has suggested or use one third party software for thi task which would mean that you don't have to delete the current structure of the drive (I would go with windows version as it is the cheapest)

  bri-an 18:15 05 Feb 2005

Worked out exactly as he wanted, and easy too. Thanks again.
What is an easy way (if there is one) of putting his operating system as a backup onto this new partition? To be able to use it to boot up if any major fault hit the main hard drive - is there a way?

  bri-an 22:03 05 Feb 2005

We used Maxtors Maxblast3, downloaded from their site and it was easy!
Took about 4 hours to do, but all seems fine.
Is there a way of actually 'doing a test run' to see if this copy will boot the computer?
Thanks again.

  mattyc_92 21:00 07 Feb 2005

I use "Acronis True Image" (click here) and I used to use "Norton Ghost" but kept on getting error messages from it (click here)

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