How to Partition new SATA drive

  sil_ver 20:41 17 Feb 2006

Thought I'd already posted this question today but it seems to have disappeared.
Had two 80Gb SATA drives in 'striped' mode. The one with the O/S failed. I installed XP+SP2 on the remaining drive after deleting the RAID configuration, everything ok.
New replacement drive turned up today but is 160Gb (how generous of Maxtor) I fitted the drive and set RAID to JBOD. Both drives recognised in RAID but not in BIOS or Windows, I assume because the new drive is not partitioned or formatted. FDisk won't see the drive. Can't use Maxtor Maxblast because the VIA chipset is not supported. My mobo is ASUS K8V-X SE. Windows only sees C: drive as 80Gb.

  Big Elf 21:01 17 Feb 2006

Have you tried Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Disk Management then right click on the drive and select format?

  sil_ver 21:10 17 Feb 2006

No point, Big Elf. The drive is not seen by windows and there is no 'Disk Management' option

  Big Elf 21:26 17 Feb 2006

Dunno then. Any tools available from the disk manufacturer?

I vaguely remember setting up my RAID (IDE) system but am fairly sure I had to format the drives before they were recognised so it's puzzling that yours are recognised in your RAID setup.

  Eric10 22:27 17 Feb 2006

Disk Management is built into Windows XP so it is there. Big Elf just missed one step from his post and he should have said Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Disk Management. Alternatively right-click My Computer and choose Manage from the menu then Disk Management is near the bottom on the left. Click on it and all installed drives appear on the right. Right-click the drive to partition it and format. Your drive will not appear in My Computer until you have done this.

  sil_ver 23:20 17 Feb 2006

Eric, Big Elf
Thanks for your help. I found disk management before you posted Eric and have done the necessary so all is well....Thanks again

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