How To Partition HDrive with XP Pro in it

  Shikaree 19:55 13 Aug 2009

Hi Folks,

Here I go again, seeking your Kind HELP.

I have jusr installed XP Pro on to a new hard drive and have Installed a few other software in it.

The Old Hard Drive which is partitioned and has all personal data in it. I wish to transfer all this to the New Hard Drive. Which is the best way to do this without loosing anything

Oh, I do have Acronis Version 8. It does have add New Disk, but mine is already installed & added.

Please Help



  GaT7 20:13 13 Aug 2009

The best thing to do is to manually copy data across to the new hard drive.

You can also use Windows own tools, e.g. click here, but it can be a long & tedious process. Moreover, if it crashes mid-way through, you may want to reinstall Windows afresh. Not worth the hassle imho.

Generally the area that contains data worth saving will be located in the 'C:\Documents and Settings' folders & subfolders, AND any other location/partition you manually saved data to in the past. The previous Windows & Program Files folders usually contain nothing worth saving, BUT it's always a good idea to backup & retain for a while - at least, until you get your new install exactly as you need it. G

  GaT7 20:15 13 Aug 2009

If you use Outlook Express (or any other email program), use the program's own 'Import' feature for the best results. G

  Shikaree 20:52 13 Aug 2009

Thanks Crossbow7 for your prompt reply. Yes, Copy & Pasting is the safest. But with all I have on my 'G' (Logical drive)whichin 'C'. It will take some time. I will give that a try.


  woodchip 22:01 13 Aug 2009

If you want a new Partition on the Drive before putting any more on it, Use Acronis Disc Director Suit 10 to create a New Partition

  Shikaree 16:31 14 Aug 2009


Thanks!! I will purchase that. I did a Primary Partition as usual for the New hard Drive via Disk Management. However, when that was done and I got the Drive Letter, I went back to Disk Management but there is no provisions there to make another Partition for a Logical Drive.

  GaT7 16:47 14 Aug 2009

Shikaree, try a free alternative first - Paragon Partition Manager 10 Express click here.

How many times are you going to be playing about with your partitions to justify paying for a specialised program?

Here's another free one that will run off a LiveCD - GParted click here. G

  Shikaree 19:25 14 Aug 2009

Thanks Crossbow7 for the info and LIKKS

... 'How many times are you going to be playing about with your partitions to justify paying for a specialised program?'

Really, Only Once. After that I'll be Cloning my new hard drive. This is better than Backingup because you have another identical hard drive in case you fall into problems with the first hard drive.

You won't believe my luck. I bought a 160GB (no special Brand on the brown box OEM). This one had two Pins (into where the IDE Cable goes) bent. Now for those Pins to bend will need more than hand pressure when pressing the IDE Cable in. PC World is very good in that respect they take back the product for exchange within limitations. The second hard drive was great until I Formatted, Primary partitioned and was given a Drive Letter. Unplugged it as a Slave. After a few days I plugged it back as Slave to Clone it, started my computer and it wouldn't Bootup. I got a BSD with a long Message. I couldn't even go into Safe Mode. Shut my computer down unplugged both hard drives. Connected another hard drive I had cloned and Slaved the new hard drive. Tried to boot, exactly the same thing happened. You kind folks Helped me bring one of them back to normal But not 100% it's working. The other I tried everything advised to no avail so I'll have to Format that drive.

Anyway I took this No Brand Hard Drive back to PC World. Explained the problem and they exchanged it for a Western Digital 250GB GREEN which at that time was going for a bargain and cheaper than the No Brand.

This is the One I'm trying to Partition.

Yes I know a long story.


  woodchip 19:56 14 Aug 2009

You would save yourself a lot of hassle if you bought Acronis True Image and Disc Director Suite. as a Image could be put back in about ten to fifteen minutes if it was same Gigs used on the drive as me

click here

click here
cheaper click here

But check out Post before you decide the cheapest

  Shikaree 20:44 14 Aug 2009

woodchip - I have Acronis True Image 8. Disc Director Suite is great too. I'll check and see where it's cheapest.

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