How to partition a harddrive

  eysha1 11:47 09 Feb 2013

Hi, i have just bought a new laptop Windows 8 with a 750 harddrive but want to partition it safely. Is there a programme that is FREE that will do this? I used to partition with 'Partition Magic' will that still work safely and if so how do i convert megs i think, to Gigs? I am useless at conversion. Many thanks E.

  chub_tor 11:53 09 Feb 2013

Windows 8 uses the same system as Window 7 and includes all the tools you need for partitioning your disk. Go to the Desktop, right click on Computer and left click on Managem followed by left click on Disk Management. All will be revealed....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:55 09 Feb 2013
  chub_tor 11:57 09 Feb 2013

Good link Fruit Bat /\0/\

  eysha1 12:18 09 Feb 2013

Very many thanks Fruit-Bat, I have jumped from Vista to Win 8 so didn't know about that. I take it you think it is a good idea to partition to help stop virus' etc from messing up your important stuff? Can you advise, is there any free programmes that would be good to install for safety? Or is the ones i have on the dying laptop ok? I have Microsoft Essentials and AVG.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:14 09 Feb 2013

I prefer to partition the op system and keep it small then image it to another physical drive, makes for quick restore if needed.

Programs are install to another partition, Data I keep on a separate partition and image that to another physical drive as well.

Do not mix AVG and MSE

Use MSE as realtime antivirus (or Avast) add spywareblaster as a blocker Malwarebtes as an antimalware scanner

this should give adequate cover for free

  eysha1 15:34 09 Feb 2013

Sorry Fruit Bat, you lost me. What is imaging and how do i do that? My C drive is 127 gigs. Do you mean me to divide this up into sections? One for Programmes, one for OS and one for imaging? I have the other drive for my data. Thanks Fruit Bat

  eysha1 15:46 09 Feb 2013

I have jsut divided my C drive and it is now only 29.83 gigs and it tells me i only have 15 megs free space. Have i messed up? It will not extend now so am i in trouble?

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