how to override/upgrade/intercept OpenGL version?

  alpha-omega 04:59 11 May 2017

I want to run an aplication on my PC but it requires atleast OpenGL version 4.0, so browsing the web I found a tool that intercepts the calls made to your current OpenGL version and changes/returns a different one it is called GLintercept:

I currently have OpenGL 3.3 with the latest drivers installed but I want to use GLintercept to be able to run this aplication.

My system supports:

OpenGL 3.3 ---> 100% OpenGL 4.0 ---> 57% ---> IMAGE OpenGL 4.1 ---> 71% ---> IMAGE

I just wonder if it really works and how because I'm a noob at using GLintercept any help is much apreciated

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