how to open a mini ipod

  tupacfan911 02:14 22 Apr 2005

does anybody know how to open a mini 4gb ipod? i open the end and took of the button pad, but i can't open it any further.

  octal 06:38 22 Apr 2005

You've probably found there are no screws, usually the two halves of the case are fitted together with lugs on the inside of the case so that once they are clipped together they are never really meant to come apart because there are no serviceable parts inside.

You maybe able to find the location of one of the lugs with careful inspection, then using a jewellers screwdriver push the first lug in, the case then often pops open slightly, enough to reveal the location of the next lug. Trust me, its a tedious process.

I'm just curious, why do you want to open it?

  TonyAA 07:51 22 Apr 2005

Does this help click here

  happy dragon 10:33 22 Apr 2005

there is a tool availble to open the i-pod i am sure i have seen one advertized for people who want to upgrade their i-pods battery cant remember where i saw it visit here click here

  happy dragon 10:37 22 Apr 2005

try this site as well click here

  tupacfan911 14:49 22 Apr 2005

thanks anyway but ofcourse i tried to pull out the circuit board and wound up snapping something but it didn't work anyway.

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