How to open lid on new Acer laptop P253

  Border View 11:41 08 Oct 2014

This is silly really. My new Acer laptop P253 has just been delivered. Taken out of box but cannot open the laptop. There are two catches to open the lid - one at each end. Afraid to force anything but just cannot get these catches to move to pop open and lift the screen.

Your help would be very much appreciated before I tear my hair out.

  Border View 12:07 08 Oct 2014

There is on my old Acer but on this shiney black one, no slider in the middle. There are catches one at each end on the front. Model Travelmate P253

  Border View 12:10 08 Oct 2014

I am a silly ..person. I have only been trying to press the hinges DUH. No slider or catch - just turned the laptop around and lifted the lid. Have you ever felt a prat?

Thank you for responding. Hangs my head in shame.

  Border View 12:32 08 Oct 2014

Thanks for looking Jock1e. :)

  wee eddie 14:33 08 Oct 2014

Been there, but not actually tried that. You have my sympathy

  bumpkin 14:38 08 Oct 2014

Border View, fair play to you for admitting it LOL.

  lotvic 17:44 08 Oct 2014

I was famous for breaking CD/DVD cases, could never get the d... cases open without cracking the plastic. Such a simple task one would have thought.

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