How to open files that were saved to a HD

  Dannyb 16:28 18 Sep 2005

I have just had my pc re-formatted and Windows XP installed. I copied across to a hard drive all of my documents before the re-format and have now copied them back into their respective programmes. However, all of my word documents are now shown as: IAB files and I do not know why or how to get them back to word documents. Also, my quicken files, that were regularly backed up to a CD have been re-installed, but,when I try to open the file I get a message "Unable to validate your file".

All very well backing up, but, re-installing is becoming a nightmare. Cany anybody offer me any crumbs of comfort.....

  howard60 16:34 18 Sep 2005

as far as word is concerned you can right click on them and rename them to end .doc but the quicken I have no idea. The hard drive you copied them to is it installed in this pc and if so have you tried opening them from within quicken?

  brambles 17:19 18 Sep 2005

Howard60 is on the right track.

Open Quicken - Click on File/Restore Backup file
and browse to the CD containing the backup. It is just the reverse of what you normally do to backup.Hope this helps


  Dannyb 17:31 18 Sep 2005

With regards to Quicken, brambles, that is exactly what I did and the file is there shown correctly. When I try to open it though I get the message "unable to validate your file".

With regards to the word files, I have just reloaded the Iomega Backup disk and now all of the files in word are shown as "Iomega Automatic Backup Image Files" and they are all shown in my documents with the Iomega logo and an "O." before the name of each document. Still unable to read them though, all see if gobbledegook letter and symbols.

  brambles 18:56 18 Sep 2005

Dannyb - then the answer is with the Iomega backup files programme. Within that there must be a restore option which will convert the files back to their original format.


  keith-236785 19:49 18 Sep 2005

right click on one of the files you cant open, choose properties, then where it says open with.

click change

then scroll down untill you see microsoft word for windows (97) or whatever version you have.

click on it and then click on apply, ok and exit.

all your AIB files will now be Word files and you will be able to open them in word again (or should be at least)

  keith-236785 20:11 18 Sep 2005

do the same with the quicken files but obviously choose quicken from the list.

hope this helps.

you can also do something similar using the file types (My computer/tools/folder options then the file types tab)

  keith-236785 20:14 18 Sep 2005

sorry, to finish the first reply i should have said make sure there is a tick in "always use the selected program to open this kind of file"

  brambles 21:03 19 Sep 2005

So we know that prefix IAB stands for Iomega Automatic Backup file. I've been on their web site and the following has been copied/pasted into this dialogue box so I didn't make any errors copying.


How do I restore files backed up by Iomega Automatic Backup

The Iomega® Automatic Backup software makes a working copy of your files on your disk and does not require a restore function. To restore files that were backed up by Iomega Automatic Backup all you need to do is copy the files from your backup disk to your hard drive using the following steps:

Double-click the My Computer icon.

Double-click the drive letter of your Iomega drive.

Highlight the files or folders you wish to restore, click Edit from the menu bar, and choose Copy.

Go to the location on your hard drive where you would like the files to be restored to and click Edit and choose Paste.

This will quickly and easily restore your data

  Dannyb 11:20 20 Sep 2005

Thanks Brambles, I am at work at the moment but will try that when I get home and let you know.

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