How to open books with Kindle for Android app on Hudl?

  Pineman100 16:59 05 Nov 2013

I've downloaded the Kindle for Android app to my wife's new Hudl tablet, and I've copied several of her book files from her Kindle on to the Hudl. Both of those operations have been successful.

However, when I open the Kindle app on her Hudl, I just get a black screen with the message "Shop for over one million books, including best sellers and free titles, in the Kindle Store".

There doesn't seem to be any way of opening one of the book files that are on the Hudl storage drive.

Any idea how I can do this, please?

  Pineman100 17:14 05 Nov 2013

Thought I should just add that, in order to store the books on the Hudl, there was no default folder that looked appropriate, so I created a new sub-folder in the internal storage folder, called Books.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 05 Nov 2013

First you need to register the kindle app to be able to open her books on another (that) device.

Any books need to be loaded in the kindle folder for the app to see them

  Pineman100 18:23 05 Nov 2013

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\, thanks for responding.

Yes, I have registered the Kindle app on the Hudl. However, I had not spotted that the Kindle app created its own storage folder. I've moved the books into that folder and everything works fine!

Duh - not very bright, am I?!

Many thanks for your help.

  gandolph 13:38 08 Dec 2013

To Pineman 100 can you PLEASE explain to me how you did it in a language a child can understand it all sounds double Dutch to me .with sub folders. and storage folders. I have been at this for over a week now and I am nowhere nearer.

  lotvic 21:38 08 Dec 2013

gandolph, Helpful step-by-step instructions have now been posted by Fruit Bat /\0/\ on your thread click here

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