How old is your computer & what will you buy next

  rawprawn 14:29 27 Jun 2010

Mine is a Sony Vaio Laptop VGN-AR31E it is 3½ years old and has been an excellent workhorse.
I have reloaded it with Winows 7 and it is still going perfectly.
Next time I have a yen to buy an Apple Mac, I have never had or used one but I think I would like to try.
I bought this laptop (Big screen) to replace a Desktop and save space, I think a Mac would do the same as for as space is concerened.

  Big L 266 15:15 27 Jun 2010


rawprawn....My Bessie is 18 months old and is a Dell Studio 540. She's an excellent lady with barely a bad day which is more than can be said for its owner! I've got Windows Vista Home Premium but run it in classic Windows mode similar to my XP. I'm not swapping to Win7 nor will I be getting a new PC for some years now.

I hope my Asus Xonar soundcard,Winamp Pro and Sqr Sft plug-in will keep me in music for a lifetime of song. Like pretending to be my own DJ!

Lets hope our respective machines last through this hot weather. Now back to my 3 hour easy listening music - Vera Lynn at the moment with 'A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square' from her singles cd set.

Big L 266

  rdave13 15:46 27 Jun 2010

My Zoostorm is 4½ years old. Still has original motherboard and CPU. Compaq laptop just over two years. Both running well.

  rdave13 15:47 27 Jun 2010

As for next purchase it will be a desktop with multi core CPU.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:48 27 Jun 2010

Medion P4 5 years old, still flies along.
Still use old software so not sure wen or what i'll uprade to.

  dukeboxhero 16:30 27 Jun 2010

A Dell Dimension that has never let me down in five years , a good part of that is down to the help i have recieved here,so i will stick to Dell again, i have been looking at the Dell XPS units

  Muergo 16:33 27 Jun 2010

I have had my Dell Dimension 4550 for over seven years, but with maximised memory and internal hard drive up to capacity of Motherboard etc, 1 Gb DDR, 160 Gb hard disc. and upgrade Graphics card, extra ports incl firewire.
Supporting cast two external hard drives, 1Tb LaCie ,& 160 Gb Seagate.

Second DVD/multistandard burner.

I am not going to replace anything until it goes completely phutt.

I have had a Windows 7 package when they were cheap on pre-order but have not put it in yet.

My wife has an Apple Mac as my son recommended it, but I would not change from P.C. format, as most of the world has it, I am not going to fight the tide.

  woodchip 18:42 27 Jun 2010

My oldest is a ABC, and runs 98se dual boot with XP home on two drives. must be about ten years old at least, old 19" Crt Monitor It started out when I first built it with a Athlon 1.6 now Barton 2.5 cpu after a bios update. still going strong after one psu took the motherboard and hard drive out, and had to replace them

  morddwyd 19:56 27 Jun 2010

Three year old self build.

Next one will be self build as well. I know it will probably work out more expensive, but it will be a lot more fun!

  birdface 20:53 27 Jun 2010

Don't know where I went wrong.
I bought a tower from E-buyer in November and the customer advice was great machine but a bit noisy.
But as they all liked it i thought i would give it a try.
Now it is noisy but so was my other computer so thought that was normal.
My son in law gave me a Dell Optiplex 320 to have a look at and could hardly hear it running.
It only has 480 Mb memory and I am tempted to get one, or a new power supply for this one.
Definitely on my list is a quiet computer and Dell are favorites.

  birdface 20:58 27 Jun 2010

Thought that I would add it was my decision to go ahead and buy from E-buyer.
I had been warned that it was a bit noisy.
So I am not knocking e-buyer as I have bought from them before and will again.
I will have a look tomorrow and see if I can pick up a quieter PSU.Assuming that is the problem.

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