How often are updates for Spywareblaster released?

  Batch 11:44 10 Jan 2010

I installed Spywareblaster (free) just under 1 month ago. Since then I've had just one protection update (of 23-Dec-09).

Are such infrequent updates normal for this software? How often do they release them in practice?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:46 10 Jan 2010

"Are such infrequent updates normal for this software?"


I normally do a weekly update check.

  MAJ 11:47 10 Jan 2010

You have the latest update (23-Dec-09), Batch. Spywareblaster doesn't update as often as an antivirus package or the likes of MBAM and Superantispyware.

  provider 2 11:53 10 Jan 2010

Irregular and not particularly frequent updates have been quite normal with SpywareBlaster, which is why it`s so useful when one of the members here says updates available.

Perhaps it`s no coincidence that Spybot S&D updates are irregular too; the immunise function has long been seen as working with SpywareBlaster to keep up with what needs to be covered.

  Batch 11:56 10 Jan 2010

Thanks for your speedy answers. I was just wondering whether I wasn't able to get the updates for some reason, but obviously not the case.

BTW provider 2 - SpyBot S&D updates very regularly - every Wednesday without fail.

  provider 2 12:04 10 Jan 2010

Perhaps I should have said my checking for Spybot S&D updates is irregular, rather than the updates themselves.

The result is much the same ... I`m grateful for the reminders.

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