how to never get VIRUS

  stephen0205 19:27 08 Sep 2006

hi i was wondering if there is a way never to get a virus like mounting stuff on a virrtual drive or somin so i dont get viruses when anything is downloaded or off off cds or dvds ...any ideas thanks guys

  Jackcoms 19:31 08 Sep 2006

"a way never to get a virus"

Use a decent AV program and keep it updated.

Use a decent anti-malware program and keep it updated.

Don't visit dodgy websites or open
attachments which come in e-mails from unknown sources.

Use a lot of common sense.

  rdave13 19:35 08 Sep 2006

Don't think it's possible otherwise they wouldn't produce AV programs. Avast! free home version is very good and I recommend it.
Still if you could think up a way of never getting virus' then you'd be worth a fortune!

  woodchip 19:36 08 Sep 2006

Don't use a Computer then, You will only have to go to the Doc's for a Normal one.

Try to use anything bar Microsoft, Like Old Win98se as they Target thing that get wide coverage like IE not Netscape etc

  JYPX 20:23 08 Sep 2006

If you use Acronis True Image and back up your c drive regularly you are in a position to reverse just about anything that could attack your pc.....

  johndrew 20:24 08 Sep 2006

I understand you can use a `Sandbox` as a controlled environment - never done it myself but you can look click here here.

  wee eddie 21:01 08 Sep 2006

but not in quite the way you might expect.

Every time you turn the PC on, it loads afresh. If you get a virus, you turn the PC off and it's gone.

  Space Aware 21:04 08 Sep 2006

I would say "Dont connect to the www" but that is a little inpractical.

I recently did a clean install of windows.
I installed McAfee first, and then connected to the www, I made the mistake of not updating my avs and got viruses and bugs visiting 2 sites!!!!!

Update, update and when you've updated, update your antivirus software!!!!!

  spuds 21:15 08 Sep 2006

There is no 100% method of not catching a virus, except never to use a computer. Using a good recommended well known anti-virus program, updated and checked daily should prevent most virus attacks, but there's still a chance that something one day may creep through.

I have used a computer for many years. And in all that time, I have only been 'attacked' about 3 times,and that was mainly due to my own stupidity.

  Input Overload 23:53 08 Sep 2006

I have been on the net 10 years or so & in that time only 1 virus has been on my system a worm actually. My AV has stopped probably around 6 or so, so I wouldn't worry. Just be sensible use a decent AV and enjoy the internet.

  Mytob 00:06 09 Sep 2006

In the end you will always get one. Ways to lesen the chance are as follows....

Use a Non Windows Os Such as Linux Bsd or Mac.
Use a good av scanner firewall and malware scanner under windows.
Dont use Internet Explorer under windows as most web browser attacks are against it.
Dont use the internet at all (hard to do in this day and age i no!).
Check all devices for viruses worms ect.

In the end obscurity is your friend. If you use things that are opensource and which not many ppl use then you stand a much better chance of staying clean as attacks will be almost always be targeted at the bigest available userbase.

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