How to network ADSL

  stevedunham 18:33 21 Dec 2003

This has probably been asked before on this forum but I can't find what I am looking for. My exchange has finally got a trigger set for ADSL and i want to look at some options other than which ISP. We have 3 pc's in the house, one running Xp and the others Me. I would like to network them to the broadband connection when that day comes. I don't particularly want to run cables around the house and thought about using wireless networking. Can any one tell me if this is feasable and what equipment will I need. I have a modicum of skill in PC tinkering and would appreciate any advice

  Indigo 1 18:42 21 Dec 2003

Should be no problem at all. All the hardware should come with enough info to get you started.

  keenan 19:35 21 Dec 2003

Latest spec & good price click here

Follow Keenans link for (IMHO) the best Wireless Router - I have one and cant fault it!

However, one thing to think about is do you want your connection available to all three PC's without having to turn a "main" PC on? What I mean is if you want to share you connection and have your ADSL line going direct to the main PC via a USB modem then this PC will always have to be on to allow the others to connect to the net - the Linksys only allows Ehternet connections. The other option is to get a Modem Router with Ethernet but two problems - 1. You are paying twice for a router and 2. you may well have to change the IP address and Subnet Mask for it to work with the Linksys.

Best option is a Ethernet Modem. THere are two, a D-Link DSG-300G (Which I have and is excellent) or a Zoom which I have not used. Each will set you back about another £70 quid BUT it does mean that the ADSL is "Live" to the Router wheter a PC is turned on or not. Just switch on ANY pc and you will have a connection!

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