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How much will my PC sell for

  Madz lol. 18:31 01 Jun 2020

I do not know how much my PC can sell for so i was wondering if i will get an estimated price, these are my specs.

PCS CYCLONE GAMING CASE (Red LED Fans) Processor (CPU)- AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six Core CPU (3.6GHz-4.25GHz/19MB CACHE/AM4)

Motherboard - ASUS® PRIME A320M-K: Micro-ATX, AM4, USB 3.0, 6GB/s

Memory (RAM)- 8GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 2400MHz (1 x 8GB) Graphics Card - 4GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1650 - HDMI 1st Storage Drive - 1TB SEAGATE BARRACUDA SATA-III 3.5" HDD, 6GB/s, 7200RPM, 64MB CACHE Power Supply- CORSAIR 450W VS SERIES™ VS-450 POWER SUPPLY

Power Cable - 1 x 1 Metre UK Power Cable (Kettle Lead) Processor Cooling - PCS FrostFlow 100 V2 Series High Performance CPU Cooler (AMD)

Thermal Paste - STANDARD THERMAL PASTE FOR SUFFICIENT COOLING Sound Card- ONBOARD 6 CHANNEL (5.1) HIGH DEF AUDIO (AS STANDARD) Wireless/Wired Networking - WIRELESS 802.11N 300Mbps/2.4GHz PCI-E CARD USB/Thunderbolt Options - MIN. 2 x USB 3.0 & 2 x USB 2.0 PORTS @ BACK PANEL + MIN. 2 FRONT PORTS Operating System - Genuine Windows 10 Home 64 Bit - inc. Single Licence

  wee eddie 18:51 01 Jun 2020

It is Forum Policy not to offer people valuations.

Frequently it is suggested that High End Components, sold separately, will raise more cash.

High End PCs (Gaming etcetera), usually lose more than half their Purchase Price in the first 18 months,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:47 01 Jun 2020

Most people end up disappointed with what they end up getting for a machine as it is a lot less than they paid for it.

It is only worth what someone else will pay and everyone wants a bargain.

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