How much should I overclock my PC?

  OhHeyItsJoe 22:08 14 Feb 2018

Recently, I've been modding games like Skyrim and that, overclocking my PC helps heavily but I don't know the absolute best results I could possibly get; what software can I use for overclocking and how far should I overclock my PC? I'll also include some of my specs/rig below.

AMD Radeon RX 460 8GB RAM AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor, 3.5 Gigahertz.

Will that be enough to confirm how much I should overclock? Thanks.

  Menzie 00:35 15 Feb 2018

Every CPU is different, even if the same model or from the same batch. The overclocking tolerance of one may be higher or lower than another.

What kind of cooling system are you using? This also will limit how far you can go.

As for software, the best thing to use is the good old BIOS. It's tedious but small increments with testing for system stability in Windows and good temps is the best.

There is software available from many motherboard vendors that can do it but these are not as efficient as doing it yourself (i.e. it may set the voltage higher than needed for instance which produces more heat).

I'd suggest searching for the model number of your motherboard and overclocking. You may find some experiences and methods from users who have done it.

  Bris 14:17 15 Feb 2018

The short answer to this is "until it becomes unstable".

Overclocking = heat = reduced CPU and memory life.

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