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how much should I charge?

  mco 21:09 05 Dec 2003

please help a first timer whos very shy with money. I'm not technical but can follow a template as well as anyone. I designed a basic simple website for my brother's business
click here
( Please view to see how basic we're talking)
His mate (whom I've never met) saw it and wants me to do him one on similar lines - but says he'll pay me. Question is:how much?? I bought his dotcom for a tenner; the hosting package will be about £30 but what about labour, etc?? Obviously I can't charge as much as a 'professional' but it will take me a fair bit of time and I dont' want to be doing it for peanuts. Are we talking...£50? £100? £150? £200? He's ringing me up to discuss money and I need to back up my price!! thanks

  Forum Editor 00:06 06 Dec 2003

you should even contemplate designing a site for someone for less than £100/150 + hosting and domain name costs.

A professional designer would charge a lot more.

You'll find that when people are paying for a site they tend to be a good deal more picky about it, and you'll need to be firm about the number of revisions you'll make after showing the client the final design. Otherwise you'll be making alterations until the cows come home - it's a trap many new designers fall into. Get a reasonably detailed brief, and show the client a sketch outline of the site structure before you begin.

  mco 10:58 06 Dec 2003

very helpful thanks! I suppose I was afraid if I asked too much he wouldn't go for it but then, working full time as a teacher (wonder what that makes my hourly rate?!) I don't really need his money anyway. And I suspect he knows whatever I ask it'll be cheaper than elsewhere. I was also thinking of the day to day admin costs 'cos I'd have to check his emails, put him on search engines etc; it wouldn't just be the one off building of it. Thanks everyone.

  mco 18:57 06 Dec 2003

keith you're so right! Guess I need to value myself as well as my websites!!!

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