How much ram is too much?

  jake2 19:22 18 Aug 2005

Been told that the easiest way to speed up a pc is to add ram. I have 512 ddr 2100 at the moment.
Maximum my (rather old) mobo could take is 2gb!
That seems an awfull lot! Do I be greedy and go for 2gb? Or be more modest and go for 1024? If ram speeds things up surely faster is better? Or will it make hardly any noticeable difference?

  AndySD 19:38 18 Aug 2005

You wont see much speed difference between 512 and 1024 mb unless you are using Video Editing programs ar multiple applications. Saying that I wont use less than 1024mb.

What is your processor and motherboard and graphics card?

Also what do you need the speed boost to do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 18 Aug 2005

Do not use above 512 if using Windows 98 /98se as this will actually slow down your PC.

XP is cpable of using all the ram available, however the effect of large amounts of ram depends on what processes you are using.

Photo / DVD editng more ram is better. Otherwise much above 1G you will not see that much spedd increase.

I've only been talking volume of ram and not speed MHz as this will also affect processing speed, the faster the better if your mobo can take it.

  jake2 20:18 18 Aug 2005

System: Athlon xp2400+ Windows xp home. 2 X 256mb ddr 2100. Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 (128mb)
Mobo Asus A7A 266
I suppose I dont "NEED" the boost just want to see how fast I can make it go. The only time it seems slow is while waiting for programs to open up. I've changed just about everything else to the maximum that mobo can support ram's about the only thing left! Lol.
Before overclocking?

  AndySD 20:31 18 Aug 2005

2 x DDR DIMM Sockets

Max. 2GB PC2100/PC1600 DDR SDRAM

You would need to remove one or both of the present Dimms to increase the total ram.

Try checking what is running at startup click here and what services are running click here

  jake2 20:40 18 Aug 2005

I've unchecked everything on the start up menu except the Anti-virus, firewall and adsl modem. That made a huge difference!
The only thing that I do notice is that when waiting for some web pages to load they seem to take ages! (relatively!)
Thats probably more to do with the internet speed (changing from adsl 512 to 2mb next week)

  jake2 11:26 20 Nov 2006

Do I have to stick with DDR2100?
Could I fit DDR2200 for example?

  ed-0 12:32 20 Nov 2006

I think you mean pc3200, do you?

Pc 3200 will be fine. Here is a list of what you can fit into your motherboard. click here#

  jake2 14:21 20 Nov 2006

DOH!! Yes I meant pc3200 Thanks for the link.
Seems I can fit pc4000 aswell? What difference would the change from 512mb pc2100 to 1024 (or even 2048)pc4000 make to the pc?

The reason I ask is that I read (though didn't completely understand)on here that when the memory of a graphics card is swamped it begins to use ram (25%max)from the pc to help maintain performance. IF I understand this correctly (which I probably haven't!) I could use this to increase the performance of my graphics card (I belive that 128mb is the biggest card I can fit to my board)

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