How much RAM HP Pavilion?

  geedad 13:12 07 Nov 2011

I have a HP Pavilion p6530uk desktop PC,Windows 7 H. Premium. It came with 4GB Ram. Anyone know the maximum Ram for this model? t( I have tried to contact HP, first by email and they gave me a telephone number to ring, and this resulted in me being passed from one department to another, until I gave up!) All I wanted was a simple answer! Does anyone own one of these and can advise me, please? geedad

  gengiscant 13:31 07 Nov 2011

It really depends on whether you have a 32BIT or 64BIT version of Windows 7. If you have 32BIT then you would be wasting your money putting anymore in as 32BIT will only see around 3 and half GB whereas 64BIT is a whole lot more. Then of course there is the motherboard and what RAM it can support.

  gengiscant 13:36 07 Nov 2011

According to the manual here:Dell. Your motherboard supports up to 16GB of PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333) or PC3-8500 (DDR3-1066) providing you have the 64BIT version of Windows 7.

  geedad 13:52 07 Nov 2011

gengiscant. Yes,gengiscant, I DOhave the 64bit version (trust me to omit this!) and thanks for the information. Should have gone to Forum first and saved some telephone call money! geedad

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